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Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest

Rantz the Ogre needs to feed his demanding children, Fycie and Bugs so he wants to go Big Chompy Bird hunting. Problem is, he's all fingers and thumbs when it comes to making ogre arrows. Could someone please give him a hand.

30 Range, 30 cooking and 5 fletching.

Items needed: Hatchet, knife, Chisel, about 50 Feathers, Doogle leaves, Equa leaves, tomatoe, Cabbage, Onion and Potatoe – Not all veg will be needed as the ingredients needed for each person vary but I say it is best to collect all before you start. All items can also be collected around the quest area ( esp Doogle leaves and Equa Leaves )

You start the quest by going to the very far south-east corner below Yanille (if you walked past the island its still a far walk but keep going south east).

Start the quest by talking to Rantz, he will say some funny stuff to you but in general he wants you to make Ogre arrows for him. v To obtain the arrow tips:

Find a Wolf respawn (they can be found near the swamp a bit to the west near the Death Rune respawn), you'll need to kill 4-6 wolfs. Get their bones and use a chisel on them to obtain the arrow tips.

Arrows Shaffs:
Nearby there are several odd looking trees so you need to use your hatchet to cut a good few logs - use your knife on them to get the sticks. I would make about 30 arrows or so at least just in case you fail killing the Chompy bird later on.

Make the arrows using shafts, feathers and tips.

Talk again to Rantz. He'll take 6 ogre arrows.

Go a little away from Rantz and go into the cave near the fire. Talk to Bugs and the other 2 ogres inside. Search the chest in cave and you will get some bellows. Leave cave and go to the swamp and then use the Bellow’s on the swamp bubbles. Your bellow’s will be filled with gas useable for 3 or 4 toads. Use the bellows on the toads and collect about 6 of them.

Talk to Rantz again. Rantz will tell you to place the toads on the place patch of brown earth across from him. Watch until a Chompy bird eats a toad. Rantz will attempt to shoot it but will miss every time. So talk to Rantz again and ask him for his bow. Wield bow and arrows and now place another toad on the earth - when a bird eats it kill it with range using ogre arrows! (the bird you need to kill will have an arrow over its head) take the Chompy Bird meat.

Once its killed, talk to Rantz again and his children back in the cave, get the following (best to collect it before quest starts) , Onion, potato & Doogle to the west (or the variation of veg that he has asked for) If you have not taken the supplies at start of quest you can collect them in the swamp area and beyond, To the east of Chompy field get Equa leaves. Talk to Rantz again, put the bird on a special fireplace nearby to cook it together with the ingredients.

Congratulations – You have completed the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest!

Reward: 1 quest point.
Submitted by Ambersky - many thanks!

Biohazard Quest

Second part of an ongoing adventure. Help Elena discover the truth about the infamous ardounge plague. Smuggle test samples across ardounge to Elena's old mentor.

Minimal requirements: Must have first completed Plague City Quest.

Things needed: Armour, weapons and some food if you are a lower level.

To begin, head to East Ardougne. You must talk to Elena in the building east from Edmond. She will talk to you about her lost distillatory and that she needs your help to return it in one piece to her. However, Mourners have now filled the tunnel used for Plauge City.

She will tell you to go and speak with Jerico who lives in a building just north of the church. He will tell you to talk to Omart who can be found at the south wall to the city. Omart will tell you that he needs something to distract the guards with. Go back to Jerico, open the cupboard and take the bird seed and then take a birdcage.

Go to the tower North of Omart and use pigeon seed on tower and then release your pigeons. Now go back and talk to Omart who will introduce you to Kilron and will allow you to get over the wall on a nice little rope ladder.

Now, go all the way North and take a rotten apple from the respawn at the north eastern house there. Pick it up. Now climb over the fence into the area with the cauldron and use apple with cauldron. And then go and talk to the mourner there. They will explain that they are sick and need to get a doctor.

Now go south west in the city where the nurse called Sarah lives, search her cupboard and there you will find a doctors outfit. Put it on and return back to the mourners house. The mourner will now let you in. Go upstairs and speak to them, they will attack you. Once dead, you will get a key – Go to area upstairs and use key with fence and take the Distillator which can be found in the crates / cupboard. Now go back to Kilron and tell him you want to get back over the wall. Go to Elena and she will be confused about the sample. She will give you 3 samples to take to people to get the answer she needs.


Go to the Chemist in rimmington and talk to him (not about the plague) Go outside and give Clancy the liquid honey, hops the Broline and Devinci the Ethenea (must be done in this order)

Go to Varrock (do not teleport!) and buy a set of Priests robes and put them on. Go to the Dancing Donkey inn and get your samples returned from the 3 men that are now there! With robes on go into building with Guidor and talk to him. He will tell you that here is indeed no plague and that it was all a fake. Go back to Elena and give her the news and then head to the king for your reward.

Reward: 3 Quest points, thieving experience and access to the King Lathas Training Ground.


Submitted By: Ambersky - Many thanks!


Creature of Fenkenstrain

Dr Fenkenstrain, master and sole occupant of the castle to the northeast of Canifis, needs a new servant to go on a dark errand for him. Do you have the stomach to help Fenkenstrain and his twisted purpose?

Minimal Requirements: Ability to kill a lvl 51 monster, and have finished the Priest in Peril and Restless Ghost quests.

Things Needed:Spade, Amulet of Ghostspeak, about 200 gp, 1 silver bar, 3 bronze wire (made from 3 bronze bars), a needle and 5 thread.

Start this one by reading the sign in Canifis. Then go up to the castle Northeast of Canifis to apply for the mentioned job. Describe youself as braindead, with your greatest skill as Grave-digging. Now that you have the job, head up the stairs, searching the bookcases on both sides. In each bookcase, with a particular option, you should find two triangular amulets. Use them on each other, then head out of the castle and head east to a graveyard. Use the star-shaped amulet on the grave on the west with the indentation on it. Head down and go northwest, killing a level 51 Expirament on the way, to get a key. Head up and dig up the three graves on the island, getting arms, legs, and a torso. Search the chest to get another key and head back towards the castle.

Equip the amulet of ghost speak, then speak to the headless gardener ghost in the castle. Ask him to show you where he lost his head at. Head towards the haunted woods to the south with the gardener ghost following you. Talk to him and he will tell you which direction to walk to find his grave. He will eventually lead you to a grave site deep in the woods. Dig there and you'll obtain his head. However, the brains in the head are all rotten (ew!). To get a brain, head to the bar in Canifis and ask the bartender if he has something to eat. Buy the pickled brain from him for 50gp, and use it on the head to insert it in.

Head back to the master of the castle, grabbing 5 thread and a needle if you don't already have them with you. He will now ask you to make him a lightning conductor. Head into the garden and ask the headless gardener how to get into the shed. He will give you a key. Now, go into the shed and search the cupboard to obtain a brush. Grab 3 canes from the ground outside the shed and use them along with the 3 bronze wires on the brush to make a chimney sweeper. Now go upstairs and use the brush on the chimney located on the west side of the castle. A conductor mould will drop. Now, head to the nearest furnace (most likely Al Kharid) and smith a conductor out of silver. Now head back to castle.

Once back at the castle, speak to Fenkenstrain and give him the thread to sew the body parts together. He will tell you to fix the conductor. Head upstairs, then go through the double wooden doors, up the ladder, and repair the lightning conductor. Head back to Fenkenstrain and he will ask you to destroy the creature. Go back upstairs and through the metal barred door. Go up the ladder and speak with the experiment. After he has seen itself and told you everything, head back down to Fenkenstrain and pickpocket him to steal the Ring of Charos and you finished the quest!

Reward: 2 quest points, 1k theiving xp, and a ring of Charos, allowing you to access to the new agility course!

Submitted by: Rune1988

Druidic Ritual

To start using the herblore skill you will need to ask for some training from the druids. However, they require some help with a ritual before they will help you.

Minimal requirements: None.

Things needed: Raw rat meat, raw bear meat, raw chicken, and raw beef (you do not need to get them before you start, but it makes the quest easier if you do).

To begin, head to the stone circle north of Taverly and talk to Kaqemeex, he will tell you to speak to Sanfew.

Sanfew is on the second floor of the herblore shop in Tavelry, he will tell you that you need to dip the four different types or raw meat into the Cauldron of Thunder to complete a ritual. If you already have them you can go there right away, if not go kill a bear, a cow, a chicken and a giant rat.

Head southwest to the Taverley dungeon, Go in and head north a bit until you come to a gate, try to open it and a suit of armour will attack you. Kill it and enter the room.

Use all the uncooked meats with the cauldron, they will turn a bluish colour, then head back to Sanfew. He will tell you to visit Kaqemeex for your herblore skills training.

Kaqemeex will reward you and tell you about herblore.

Reward: 4 Quest points, the ability to do herblore and 250 herblore experience (boosts you to lvl 3). See our Herblore skill guide.

Submitted By: TheRichHobo - Many thanks!

Dwarf Cannon Quest

For several years now the dwarven black guard have been developing the lastest in projectile warfare. Now with the constant attack of goblin renegades, the dwarven troops who protect the mines need to put this secret weapon into action. Only with your help can the true power of this cannon be harnessed!

Minimal Requirements: 20 Agility

Things Needed:None - Helpful to have; Teleport runes to Seers, Falador and back to Seers. (13 air runes, 3 laws and 1 water total)

This quest starts at the Coal Trucks. Some ways to get there are -
1. Head west from Seer's Village, go above McGrubers Woods, follow the railroad tracks west, then head south when you reach the coal trucks. Finally, cross the log ( req 20 agility) then head south of the mining area.

2. Go to the fishing guild and follow the north west side of the guild. Continue north until you pass some goblins; you'll end up seeing a long fence. Open the gate and head a little northeast.

Talk to the commander to start the quest. He will ask for help fixing 6 panels along the fence to help keep the goblins from attacking them.

#1 In line with tree, just south of the commander
#2 Directly west of #1, 4th panel pass 1st gate
#3 West of #2, next to the 1st bush you come across
#4 2 panels down from # 3
#5 5th panel pass 2nd gate
#6 8th panel down from 2nd gate

Talk to the commander again. He will ask you to check on someone in the black tower to the south. This looks like a fenced off little tower with a ladder directly in the middle. The ladder has 4 pillars around it. Climb the ladder to the top. Once in next room, you will see dwarf remains (poor guy) Pick these up (they were savagedly attacked by goblins)

Head back up to the commander and show him what happened. He can't believe what happened and is curious about the son. He asks you to head to the goblin's cave to inspect the area.

Head south to the fishing guild. Just to the east of the entrance is a cave. Head down there and head north west to the very corner of the cave. Once in the far room, search the north east crate. There you will find the small boy. He will say that he should go back. Head back to the commander.

He is glad the boy returned, but asks you another favor: to fix the cannon in the shed. He doesn't know how himself, but gives you a toolkit to help. Inspect the the cannon and it will say there are 4 damaged parts, the pipe, the barrel, the axle, and the shaft. This make take a few tries on each part, but keep trying, soon it all will be fixed. Once fixed, talk to the commander again.

Once again, he asks you for to help out. He would like you to go to Dwarven Mines to speak to Nulodion. If you dont know where the Dwarven Mines are located, they are north of Falador or a little south west of Edgeville or the monostary (Prayer guild). You have to talk to Nulodion to find out what kind of ammo is used for the multi-cannon (cannon balls). (*this is where Falador teleport comes in handy)

The only thing he does is give you the mould. After he does, head back up to the commander. (*Camelot teleport is helpful here)

Once you talk to the commander for last time, you finish the quest.

Reward: 1 Quest point, some Crafting exp, and ablity to buy multi-cannon from Nulodion.

Submitted by:Lost pk - Many thanks!


Family Crest

The Fitzharmon family crest has gone missing, and the family honour has been lost. Can you find the crest and return it to Dimintheis in Varrock? There are 3 different rewards available, but you can only choose one, so choose carefully!

Minimal requirements: Level 40 in Mining, Smithing, and Crafting, level 59 in Magic. Ability to kill a level 139 demon.

Items needed: Ring mould, Necklace mould, Pickaxe, Anti poison pot, prayer pot (optional but advised) four Death runes, five Fire runes, four Water runes and use an air staff.

You need to start in Varrock near the East bank to the area where the tea stall is. Talk to Dimintheis and he will start you off on the quest. He will tell you that you need to find all sons to claim your final reward and to kill Chronozon.

First Son - Will be found in Catherby. He is the cook in the house next door to the Catherby bank. Once you speak to him, he will tell you he needs five different types of cooked fish. Bass, Salmon, Tuna, Srimp and Swordfish. You can either catch these fish yourself or purchase these raw fish at a selection of fishing stores ( or buy from other players if your fishing level isn’t high enough for all) You will need to cook all these fish ( again purchase these if you cannot cook them ) Go back and give these to the first son and he will give you his section of the family crest.

Second Son – Now you need to go and talk to the Gem trader in Al Kharid and can be found just up from the bank and anvils towards the gate to Lumbridge. Now go to the Scorpian mine still within Al Kharid and talk to the man that can be found wandering ( wearing yellow cape ) He will tell you that he needs a ruby ring and a ruby necklace but it can ONLY be made from “Perfect Gold” He will tell you that there is only one place that this can be mined and that you need to go and talk to Boot in the dungeon just outside Ardougne. (This is where the Hobs, Ogres and 1 Hellhound can be found behind locked gate) To access the area for the gold you will need to activate some levers as follows.

North wall pull lever, south wall and enter room to pull lever, North wall pull lever and then enter room and pull lever, Out of room and pull lever, now go to the south room and put lever back up. You should now be able to access room with hellhound. Speak to Boot before attempting to mine, once this is done, you can mine some Perfect Gold. Now go and make the ring and necklace. Once these are made you can go back to the yellow caped man in Scorpian mine to receive the next part of the Family Crest.

Third Son – Can be found in the Jolly Boar in upstairs ( Pub near Varrock wildy ) He will be poisoned by spiders so this is where you give him the poison potion, he will then talk to you about where the last piece of the Crest can be found and how to kill the Demon.

Now go to Edgeville Bank and prepare. Take Pray pot, Cure pot, all your runes ( you may wish to take more runes with you than stated to completely kill him with mage although one blast of each spell and kill the rest of him with melee is ok ) Be warned, there are aggressive poison spiders there that interrupt your killing of the Demon!! Take food etc too and beware of pkers!!

To find him, he can be found past Chaos Druids and Skels right next to the Black Demons through the gate to the left. Kill Chronozon and he will drop the piece of the Crest. Finally, once you have the crest together go back to Diminitheis and he will reward you with a pair of steel gauntlets. He will then tell you that you can select what these get made into. First son is cooking gauntlets, second son is crafting gauntlets and third son is magic gauntlets. v Congratulations you have completed the family crest!

Reward – 1 Quest point and Steel gauntlets.

Submitted By: Ambersky, many thanks!


Ghosts Ahoy

The citizens of Port Phasmatys have unwittingly consigned themselves to an immortal existence, trapped forever in this world as unwilling ghosts. Necrovarus, Lord of the Temple of Phasmatys, holds the key to the door into the next world. Can you convince him to open it and set them free?

Minimal Requirements: Level 25 agiliy and 20 cooking, ability to kill a lvl 32 monster, and have finished the Priest in Peril and Restless Ghost quests.

Things Needed:Amulet of Ghostspeak, empty bucket, pot, bowl of water, bucket of milk, oak longbow, about 1k gp for gambling, silk, thread and needle, knife, spade, all color dyes to be safe (Note: Purple dye can be found on the ground near the spirit tree near the Battlefield of Khazard).

Start this one by going to the new town east of the haunted woods. To get in you will need to recieve some ectotokens by getting some ectoplasm and ground bones. Get ground bones by using bones (which you can get from the farm northwest of the temple, just kill some undead chickens or cows) in the grinding machine upstairs, and then empty the machine with a pot. Get ectoplasm by using a bucket on the goo pool downstairs. Once you have the bonemeal and the bucket of slime, worship the Ectofuntus and recieve your tokens from the priests. If you'd like, you may want to do this some more until you have at least 30 ecto-tokens, which will make it easier for you later. Enter the town and head towards the quest symbol on the minimap, in the northeast of the town. Talk to her and tell you have heard the sad story about this town. She will ask you to speak to Necrovarus (in the room where you recieved your ecto-tokens), who will not comply. Go back to Velorina and she will tell you of a friend of hers who lives in Morytania between two castles. Before you leave town, get a bedsheet by offering to do a job in the tavern. Dip it in the ectoplasm to make it look cool! You also need it to talk to the villagers, along with the ghostspeak ammy.

Bring the bowl of water and bucket of milk with you for this next part. When you find her friend, the Old Crone who lives in the shack just east of the Slayer Tower. She will ask for some nettle tea to help her memory. Go to the Haunted Woods and pick a Nettle from one of the bushes. Make sure you have some kind of glove or vambrace on to prevent the stinging nettles from stinging you! Use the Nettle on the Bowl of water, then cook it (a fire works fine) to make Nettle Tea. Now the old crone will ask you to put it into her special cup, which she then hands to you. After you put it in the porcelain cup, she will ask for milk. Use the bucket of milk on the tea to make it milky. After she finally drinks it she will ask for the robes of Necrovarus, a book from the eastern lands, and a way to translate it. Before you leave, offer to do her a favor. She will give you a toy boat to give to her son.

To repair the toy boat, get some silk, needle and thread, plus a knife. Repair the boat, then get your dyes and head to the shipwreck just north of the farm. While you are here, search all the unlocked chests. One contains a map piece, which you must kill a giant lobster to obtain. Another piece is on a chest to some rocks you must jump to get. Jump across the rocks, starting from the deck of the wrecked ship across the gangplank. Now head up to the back of the boat where the mast is. Search the mast while the windspeed is low, until you get a color for the top, middle, and bottom of the flag. Dye the flag on the toy boat the same way, then give it to the old man. He will give you a chest key in return, which will get you the final map piece. Use them on each other to obtain a treasure map.

The map you just made points to a place on Dragontooth Island, which requires a toll of 25 ecto-tokens. Make sure you have these, then get on the boat to Dragontooth Island. Follow the directions on the map, starting at the statue, and dig where you end up with your spade. You should be on a patch of land without long grass surrounded by long grass on the southern part of the island. You will unearth the Book of Haricanto.

For Necrovarus's robes, put on the ectoplasm bedsheet, and talk to Gravingas, telling him you would like to help out. He will give you a petition to get 10 ghosts to sign. Go around talking to villagers, some will sign, some wont, and some will ask for a bribe. Once you get 10, return to Gravingas. He will then ask you to give it to Necrovarus, when you should then do. He will burn it, but drop a key. Use this key to get into the room where his mortal remains are upstairs in the temple. Open and search the coffin, and you will have the robes.

To get the translation book, talk to Ak-Kharanu on the docks. He will have a book, but asks for an Oak Longbow signed by Robin. To get Robin to sign your longbow, play the game of Runedraw with him until he owes you 100 gp. He will sign your bow, which you can now trade for the translation manual.

Now that you have everything you need, return to the Old crone between the castles. Give her the stuff, and she will enchant your amulet of ghostspeak. Return to Necrovarus. Command him to let any ghost to pass into the next world. After he does that, return to Velorina, and the quest is complete!

Reward: 2 quest points, 2,400 prayer xp, free passage into town, and a way to teleport with the Ectophial!

Submitted by: M86Firestorm

Horror From The Deep

The Lighthouse protecting unwary ships from Kandarin's hazardous North-western coastline has recently ceased to function, and the Council have become very concerned about the potential hazard to shipping that may result from this.

The Council would therefore like any adventurers passing by the area to investigate the lighthouse and discover what has happened to the lighthouse keeper Jossik. Local rumours of a mysterious Horror From The Deep can probably be ignored, as The Council would like to assure its citizens that there is no such thing as sea monsters.

Minimal Requirements: None

Things Needed: 2 planks, hammer, 8 nails (2 nails per steel bar), molten glass (seaweed burned into soda ash and bucket of sand on furnace), tinderbox, swamp tar (not paste!), cheap sword, water air fire earth rune, bloods/deaths/ or minds - the stronger the better, a bow and arrows (50 or so decent arrows should be fine - i used steel), food, armour, and maybe a prayer pot.

Talk to Larissa at the Lighthouse, north of the Barbarian Agility Training area.

Fix the bridge to the east of the Lighthouse. You'll need 8 nails, a hammer, and 2 planks. Just "use" a plank on each side of the bridge.

Talk to GUnnjorn at the Barbarian Agility Course (he's inside near the obstacles)- and get the key from him.

Go back and talk to Larissa at the Lighthouse.

Unlock lighthouse and go inside.

Go to the second floor and search bookcase. Take all 3 books.

Go to third floor and use swamp tar on lighting mechanism. Then use tinderbox on lighting mechanism. Then molten glass on lightning mechanism.

Go back to first floor, tell Larissa you fixed the Light. Climb down basement ladder.

Use on door: cheap sword, arrow, water rune, earth rune, air rune, fire rune (no specific order). Note each item is assigned a color.

Open the door, climb down the ladder.

Talk to Jossik, when you're done a "beast" will be assigned to attack you, you'll know which is yours by the arrow over its head (also on your mini map).

Once the monster is killed you need to kill it's mother as well.

The mother will change colors - this is where you need to have noted the different colors from the door. It will tell you which attack style to use.

Red - Fire spell
Blue - Water spell
Brown - Earth spell
White - Air spell
Green - Ranged
Yellow - Melee

Seems Melee and Ranged are when you'll do your most damage :)

Once its dead you'll be sent back to the top of the ladder with Jossik. Go back to the second floor of the lighthouse to talk to Jossik about the casket you received from killing the monster.

Be sure you know which God you want, you can't change it!

Jossik will ask you to read what the inscription says, your choice will be one of the 3 Gods which will deem which prayer book you receive as your reward. If color or God matters to you, be sure to choose wisely :)

Submitted By: Ladyofnight1, Many thanks!


Jungle Potion

Trufitus Shakaya of the Taie Bwo Wannai Village requires that you collect five special jungle herbs for a potion so he can commune with his Gods.

Minimal Requirements: Must be able to fight level 48 ogres.

Things Needed: 60gp (30 to get on Karamja/Brimhaven 30gp to get off)

An anti-poison potion (There are tribesmen that are capable of poisoning you)

Speak to Trufitus Southwest of Brimhaven. He'll explain how he needs to make a potion. He'll ask you to collect the special ingredients for him, one by one.

Snake Weed: No it’s not a new drug, but it will help Trufitus in his potion. He says "It grows in an area to the south-west where the ground turns soft and the water kisses your feet." Keep going south of the west shoreline until you see two green plants with yellow spots on them. Grab them and go back to Trufitus. (And whatever you do, don’t smoke it!)

Ardrigal: His next clue is "It’s related to the palm and it grows in its brother’s shady profusion. To the east you will find a small peninsula, it is after the cliffs come down to meet the sands, here is where you should search for it." This is easy, go east until you reach a stream, then follow up north until you get up to the palms. Theres one that says "Search" or you can just go north-east until you get there. Now go back west to Trufitus.

Sito Foil: His next clue is "It grows best where the ground has been blackened by the living flame." This one is easy too, go south of the village south of you and a little bit north of Shilo. There you will see two flames and some rocks saying "Torched earth" around the flames. Search one of them, identify the herb, and go back to Trufitus.

Volencia Moss: The next clue is "It clings to rocks for its existence. It is difficult to see, you must search for it well. It prefers rocks of high metal content and a frequently disturbed environment. There is some, I believe southeast of this village." Just go south-east of the village (Hmmm, that was hard to figure out!) Then you will see a mining area with 1 Iron, 1 silver, 1 coal, 2 Mithril and 2 adamant rocks. Also you will see 3 large gray rocks. Search one of them, identify the herb and go back to Trufitus again.

Rogue's Purse: The next clue is "This is the most difficult to find as it inhabits the darkness of the underground. It is called the rogue's purse, and it is only to be found in caverns in the northern part of this island. A secret entrance to the caverns is set into the northern cliffs of this land." Just go north and you will see a "Depression" of rocks. Search them and you will find an entrance. Go in and you will enter a maze-like area occupied by Jogres. Go south-east (the closest entrance to you) and you will find a wall with green stuff on it (green specks) at the end. Now climb the rocks (Identify the herb too) go back to Trufitus, give him the herb, and you'll be rewarded.

Reward: 1 Quest point, 700+ Herblore experience, and the ability to start the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest.

Submitted by: Cactuses, many thanks!


Legends Quest

Accept the challenge of the Legends Guild to map the Southern part of Karamja Island, make friends with the natives and bring back a prize to display in the Legends Guild Main Hall.

Quest Requirements: 107 quest points and must have completed each of the following quests.

Underground Pass
Family Crest

Minimum Level Requirements needed:
50 Agility
50 Crafting
52 Mining
50 Smithing
50 Thieving
45 Herblore
42 Prayer
59 Magic (check this but I think that’s needed for family crest)
50 Woodcutting
Items Required:
Radimus Scrolls – This is collected at quest start point. Advisable to have these with you at all times as you need these to enter the jungle which will be done often.

1x Machette – You can search the cupboard at the legends start point for this
3x Papyrus (at least) – Again collectable from legends start point on table or shop.
1x Charcoal (at least) – Available in jungle shop
2x Gold bars
1x Hammer
1x Pickaxe
1x Soul, 2x Law, 1x Earth and 1x Mind rune

Elemental runes for charge orb spell ( take only runes for the spell you are able to cast as this will leave more room for food) ensure that you also take 3 cosmics per spell used.

A couple of unpowered orbs
1x Hatchet
Gems (cut) Red Topaz, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Opal and Jade
1x Water Filled Vial
1x Snake Weed and 1x Adrigail
1x Rope
Super Pots ( Sup Att best to use )
Pray restore
As much high level food as you can carry ( sharks preferred )

Quest Start Point

Start at the legends guild and talk to the guards at entrance to guild. Ask them about the legends quest, they will check that you have all requirements then allow you in to speak to Radimus Erkle. Walk up path and into the small room on the left – speak with Radimus and he will give you further information on the quest and some scrolls.

Go to bank in ardy and collect all your items needed including a small amount of cash, armour and food then go and ride the cart from Brimhaven to the Shilo Village.

Go out of Shilo over the cart near undead ones and talk to the Jungle Forrester. Speak about the natives, jungle and the secret item. Next, enter the jungle by chopping down the trees and jungle undergrowth near the forester – You will then find yourself in the jungle (beware jungle wolves, lvl 64). Go far west to the water and map the jungle. Go the middle and map again and then finally go far east and map again. You will then be given a second set of scrolls – The jungle has now been mapped. Take scroll to forester and he will then give you the Bull Roarer.

Swing Bull Roarer and attract Gujuo. Talk through all options and he will tell you that you need to rescue Ungadula. Search rocks towards the west of jungle near outside edge of jungle.

Once underground you will see the firewall. Investigate wall and Ungadula will tell you that you need pure water to rescue him. Go back up and swing Bull Roarer and choose option that talks about the bowl and pure water. Go to nearest anvil and make golden bowl ( 2 gold bars and hammer needed ) Go back to jungle and right click on bowl – This will give you the option to bless the bowl. Once blessed, use Machette with reed, use hollow reed on water pool. Bowl now has water inside.

Go back to Firewall room – Search bed and crate for scrupled notes and then use water with firewall, search desk.

Back to bank. Take Soul, Mind, Earth and 2 Laws, picklock, pickaxe, gems and food. Back to firewall, search cupboard and you find yourself in another room. Use picklock with door, mine all rocks and push door at end. You are now in a room with lvl 87 dark wing bats, run west to the wall, jump wall then go and search wall and place your runes on the wall in this order S M E L L you will now be in the room with 7 pools of water, place one gem on each stalagmite. Go to middle of room and after a few spells that are cast you will find book of binding, pick this up and go back to firewall. Use book on Ungadula and he will turn into a prayer draining lvl 187 black demon called Vyvendi. Kill him. Ungadula will return, talk to him and he will give you Yommi seeds. Go to pure water and use water with seeds to germinate.

Talk to Gujuo again and ask about potion, make potion with snake weed and adrigal.

Get armour, pots, food, bowl, rope, uncharged orb and orb runes, potion, pickaxe, lockpick and radimus scrolls. Good to room with pools and use orb spell on large metal gate. Drink fear potion and use rope on winch. Climb down winch.

You will see a wizards hat, pick it up and talk to wizard. Then, go climb over agility rocks to the bottom. Kill all 3 different level monsters (lvl 96 upwards) and collect 3 pieces of crystal. Use crystals with furnace and then you have a hearth shaped item, use with mossy rocks and then place in the wall near shimmering wall to lessers.

Go through wall and run past lessers to the stone boulder, click move boulder and a ghost will appear. Talk to ghost. He wants the glowing dagger which you must find. Go back up to agility rocks and equip dagger then pick up hat. Attack wizard and make sure that your dagger is now glowing. Go back to Boulder, move boulder and give dagger to ghost – As you do this another 187 Black Demon will appear, kill it and fill bowl with water from behind boulder. Go back to Jungle and use Bull Raorer. Gujuo will explain what to do with seeds. Go and get more food if needed. Fill bowl with more water.

Go to fertile earth just across from pool in jungle and plant your seeds, water tree and then when grown, chop tree into totem pole. Pot up ready and use totem pole with other totem pole again near water pool. Fight the 3 monsters that will appear from the catacombs and then finally the 187 black demon. Once defeated, use your pole with the totem pole and you will receive golden pole. Inspect the golden totem pole.

Leave jungle and teleport to ardougne, go to legends guild and show pole to Radimus Erkle.

Quest complete: You can then choose 4 skills to increase experience in.


You can then choose 4 skills to increase experience in and will be awarded 4 quest points and able to wear legends cape and buy right half of dragon shield for 750k and have full access to the legends guild

Well done!!!!!

Submitted By: Ambersky - many thanks! :)


Merlin's Crystal

Merlin the wizard has carelessly become imprisoned inside a giant crystal. Take up King Arthur's quest to free Merlin and become one of the knights of the round table.

Minimal requirements: The ability to kill a level 37 enemy.

Things needed: A tinderbox, bucket and a loaf of bread.

To begin go to Camelot Castle and seek out King Arthur. Ask him about becoming a Knight of the Round Table. He'll accept you on one condition - That you free Merlin the Wizard who is entrapped in the giant crystal, in one of the castles towers to prove your worth. Accept his quest and search the castle grounds for Sir Gawain. Ask him how Merin came to be trapped inside the crystal and he'll tell how it was the evil Sir Mordred. After he's given you some more information, continue on your merry way.

Head to the upstairs of the castle and speak to Sir Lancelot. Ask him if he knows a way to get inside Keep Le Faye Stronghold, where Sir Mordred dwells. He'll tell you of a ship that travells there from Catherby. Head to Catherby and go to the dock where a ship is waiting. Speak to Arhein there and ask if you can travell with him. He'll explain how he can't set sail yet because he is awaiting a crate of candles for shipment. Head to the candle shop, just north-west of the ship, and hide inside the crate there. You'll now be transported to Keep Le Faye.

Once there just head up the two stair cases to the top floor, while fighting or running past black knights. Once you've reached the top floor Kill Sir Mordred (level 37). Just before you issue the death blow his mother, Morgan Le Faye will appear and beg that you spare him. Tell her you'll spare his life if she tells you how to reverse the spell to release Merlin. She'll tell you that you need four things. A black candle, bat bones, the legendary sword Excalibur and a set of magical words.

Bat bones - To leave Keep Le Faye you'll need to exit through the doors on the ground floor. Luckily, Just ouside from there you should see some giant bats. Kill one and take the bones.

Black candle - To get hold of this head to the house not far from the candle shop in Catherby. Be sure to have your bucket at this point, if not you can find one by searching the crate near Arhein. Take the insect repellent from the house and proceed west of Catherby to the Flax Beehives. Use the insect repellent with one of them and fill your bucket with some wax using the "take from" option. Go back to the candle shop and speak to the candle maker. Ask him to make you a black candle and then light it with your tinderbox.

Excalibur - Head south of Taverly and speak to the Lady of the Lake. She'll tell you that you need to take a test, and to do it you must head to the jewellery shop in Port Sarim (be sure to have your loaf of bread at this point). Click on the door to enter, and a beggar should appear. Give him the loaf of bread and he'll magically turn into the Lady of the Lake. She'll tell you that you've completed the test and gives you Excalibur. (Note: If ever you loose Excalibur, even after the quest, you can always get a replacement by speaking to her again.)

Magic words - For this one you'll need to head into low level wilderness. So don your RS birthday suit and head into level 12 wilderness, north from Varrock (check out our defined wilderness map). Find the chaos alter there and examine it, it should read "Snarthon Candtrick Termanto". You'll need this later, so either remember it or write it down. Next, head to the bank and withdraw armour, weapons and food and head back to Camelot Castle.

Once there, head to the north-east grounds of the castle and find the building there. Look for the pentagram on the floor and drop your bat bones on it, as you do a level 92 demon will appear. You must now chant the correct magic words you saw earlier to controll him (failing that you'll have to continue to fight). The demon will then tell you that you can now smash the crystal using Excalibur. Head inside the castle to Merlins tower and use your Excalibur on the crystal to free him. When you've done this speak to King Arthur for your reward.

Reward: 6 Quest points, Excalibur and the ability to start the "Holy Grail Quest".

Submitted by: Legolas416, many thanks!


Nature Spirit

The priest Drezel has a special request for any adventerous sorts to search for the Druid 'Filliman Tarlock' and brave the terrors that infest the swamp of Mort Myre.

Minimal Requirements: 18 Crafting, Must have completed the Priest In Peril quest and able to defeat a Level 30 monster.

Things Needed: 1 Silver Bar, Sickel Mold (can be bought at Al Kharid Craft shop), Amulet of Ghost Speak (Given by the Preist in Swamps during the Restless Ghost quest, you can get another one from him if you've lost it), Blessed Holy Symbol.

To Start the quest speak to Drezel, He will ask you to Find his Friend Filliman Tarlock, who is somewhere in Mort Myre. Mort Myre can be found by heading north of the road when you first come through the portal. Just head straight to the Back, and you will find Filliman Tarlock on a small island.

Equip the Amulet of ghost speak, then talk to Filliman Tarlock (if he isn't there or if he vanishes try to enter the tree and he will re-appear). You will need to tell him that he is a ghost/dead, but he wont believe you. So head over to the washbowl, pick it up, and a mirrior will be hidden underneath it. Take the mirror. (the washbowl isn't needed so you can just drop it.) Use the mirrior on Filliman Tarlock, and he will believe that he is dead, but he can't remember anything. Search the big tree behind him, and you will find a book. Give him the book, and he will tell you of his plan to become a Nature Spirit. He hands you a bloom scroll and tells you to go get blessed.

Head Back to Drezel, and he will say some goofy words, and you will become blessed. Head back into Mort Myre, find a hollow rotten log in Mort Myre, and use the scroll to cast the bloom spell. Pick the Mushroom that grows and head back to Filliman Tarlock. Use the Mushroom on the stone on the ground to Filliman's right and it will absorb into the rock. Then talk to Filliman and ask to Have another bloom Spell. Use the bloom spell on the stone on the ground to the left of Filliman, then stand on the stone in front of Filliman. Talk to him, and choose "I think I've Solved the Puzzle." He will cast some weird spell, then tell you to go into that Hole in the tree.

Head down into the tree, and search the Water Alter/shrine and he will tell you how to defeat the ghost things in Mort Myre. He tells you to get him a Silver Sickel, so that he can bless it. Head to the nearest furnace and use the silver bar on the furnace and make a sickel (you can mold them at this part in the quest). Head Back to the island with Filliman Tarlock. Go into the tree, search the shrine/alter again, and he will bless your sickel, grab the green pouch that's on the ground, and go back outside. Use the blessed sickel to cast bloom on the little dead trees and logs, pick the mushrooms and such...and use them on the bag. Now when a ghost attacks you, you use one of the charges in the bag and you can attack it. Since Filliman asked you to kill 3, kill 3, head back to the shrine...and your done!

Reward: 2 Quest points and a wee bit of crafting experience.

Submitted by: Rune1988, many thanks!


Priest In Peril

Recently contact has been lost with the temple to Saradomin on Misthalins' Eastern border. King Roald would be very interested to know what has caused this lack of communication, and seeks an adventurer willing to report back to him on the situation.

Minimal requirements:
Must be able to defeat a level 30 enemy.
Things needed: A bucket and 50 rune essenses.
Head to Varrock palace and speak to King Roald, he'll tell you that he's not heard from Drezel the monk in quite a while and asks if you could check up on him. Accept his errand and head to the temple of Saradomin. To get to the temple head a little south of the lumber yeard and east through the gate, follow the path until you come across the large churchy looking building.

Knock at the door and speak to the two goons inside. Tell them that King Roald sent you. They'll yak on for a bit and then tell you to kill the 'dog' found downstairs. Head to the crypt in the graveyard and climb down the trapdoor. Inside you should find this 'dog' which the goons were referring too, a temple guardian (level 30). Kill it and return outside to the temple door. Knock on it and tell them you've killed it. They'll laugh at you for a bit and then tell you to go back to the King and let him know what you've done.

Return to the palace and speak to Roald. He'll tell you how stupid you are for killing the temples guardian and demand that you return to the temple to protect it from evil... or he'll have you beheaded! Return to the temple as he told you (be sure to have your bucket at this point) and knock once more at the door. As you do it'll open, make your way up to the top floor and speak to Drezel, who's locked up in a cell.

He'll explain how Zamorakians have taken over the temple and that they are polluting the holy river that protects the temple from invading forces of werewolfs from Morytania. After he's given you a bit of a history lesson he'll ask you to find the key to free him, and also a way he can get past the coffined vampire, without it smelling his holy blood and killing him.

Head downstairs to the level below and kill the level 30 hooded Zamorak monks until you get a golden key. Instead of trying to open Drezels cell with it, head back in to the crypt where you killed the dog. From there make your way through the gate and into a large room with statues placed around it. Study each one until you come across one with a picture of a key. Use your golden key with it and swap it for an iron key. Next take your bucket and fill it with holy water from the well in the middle of the room. Go back to Drezel and open his cell with the key. Speak to him and he'll bless your water, use this water with the coffin in the middle of the room to kill the vampire inside. Once you've done this speak to the monk and he'll ask you to meet him down stairs. (At this point you should return to the bank and fill your inventory with rune essenses, you'll find out why shortly).

Now head into the large chamber with the statues and pass through the gate which leads to Drezel, who's waiting for you. He'll explain that he needs to purify the River Salve from the Zamorakian polution using rune essense, before its too late. Give Drezel the rune essense you already have then return with more. Once you've given him 50 he'll tell you that the river is protected once more - Well done, you've completed the Priest in Peril quest!

Reward: 1 Quest point, prayer experiance and the dagger 'Wolfbane' which prevents werewolfs changing form. On completion of the quest you'll also be able to access the new town, Morytania - There you can find a bank, a tanner, a pub, a raw meats shop and a clothes shop that sells the new set of robes, boots and gloves (yellow, dark red, grey, purple and turquoise).

Submitted By: Legolas416 - Many Thanks!


The Lost City

Legends tell of a magical lost city hidden in the swamps. Many adventurers have tried to find this city, but it is proving difficult. Can you unlock the secrets of the city of Zanaris?

Minimal requirements: 31 crafting and 36 woodcut, and able to kill a level 101 monster unarmed.

Things needed: A good amount of food (lobster and up), potions and possibly amulets, depending on your combat abilities. Runes may also be usefull if you wish to mage the tree spirit. Lastly, you will need a knife.

To begin, head to the woodland area located just behind Lumbridge, or east of Draynor. After a bit of searching you'll eventually come across four adventurers who are less than happy to tell you what they're searching for. With a bit of wit on your part however, you can trick them into telling you. After a bit of trial and error You should now have been told what they're looking for - a leprachaun by the name of Shamus, who knows the where-abouts of the lost city, Zanaris... This is your cue to start looking for him, the only catch is, he's in a tree. Don't panic however, despite the vast amount of trees in this area, the tree Shamus is in is distictively different to the others. Search north west of the adventurers and you should come across a tree that has the option to "chop", instead of the usual "chop down" option. Once you've chopped it Shamus will run out, chase after him and ask about Zanaris, he'll give you some valuable information.

Its nearly time to leave from Port Sarim to the holy island of Entrana, but you'll need to use the bank first. Deposit all items of armour and weaponry (so you can travell to Entrana) and withdraw any items you think will be usefull when fighting the level 101 tree spirit. You'll definately need some food. Super sets, amulets, prayer pots, and runes will come in handy too. When you're all set, its time to leave. Once on Entrana island head north east across the bridge and then west along the island to some ruins surrounded by dead trees. After speaking to the monks there, you can climb down the ladder. They'll make sure you know that you can't go back the way you came once inside. The only way out for you now, is to use the magic door at the end of the lair which leads to level 31 wilderness. Its also possible to teleport out.

Now inside you'll find level 25 zombies. You'll have to kill these until you get a bronze hatchet which you'll need to cut the Dramen tree. Now continue through the dungeon into a room with level 92 greator demons, if you've got strong enough combat abilities, or brought extra food, its a good idea to kill these for armour or weapon drops, although its not entirely necessarily.

Further on past the greater demons is the room with the Dramen tree. Make sure you've got that bronze hatchet handy so you can attempt to chop the tree. Once you've done this the level 101 tree spirit will pop out. At this point make sure your dosed up on those potions, wearing any amulets and are weilding your hatchet (or any other armour you may have aquired from the greater demons). There are a number of ways to tackle the tree spirit. Most players may find they're ok fighting the tree spirit with just the hatchet, pots, prayer and food, maybe blasting a few bolt spells as they go. If not you can always bring a friend along who can stand inbetween you and the tree spirit while you mage it. This doesn't always work as the tree spirit can sometimes go through your friend, but it still might let you get a few good hits in. Just remember to keep your cool, keep eating and keep a watch on your hp. With a bit of luck you should be fine (in theory that is!). Once you've defeated the tree spirit, the hardest part is over. Well done.

With him out of the way you can help yourself to as many branches from the Dramen tree as you like (its a good idea to take a few). Once your done either teleport out or search past the greater demons for a magical door. If you choose the door you'll end up in level 31 wilderness (check out our defined wilderness map) and will have to face the likely fact that you'll get player killed, however its not too hard to avoid this if your carefull.

Now get your knife and cut each of your branches into a dramen staff. Journey over to Lumbridge swamp (a little east from where you spoke to the adventurers) and look for a small shack there. Weild your dramen staff and enter the shack, you'll automatically be teleported to the lost city. Once inside you'll have completed the quest, congrats!

Rewards: 3 quest points and access to the city of Zanaris. Inside you can find everything you need to make cakes (yes, even chocolate cakes), a general store, a bank, the cosmic runecrafting temple, a furnace, a sandpit, a training spot with level 64 otherworldly beings and also a market which you'll need to pay a diamond to enter. Once inside the market you can purchase both a dragon long (100k) or a dragon dagger (30k), on completetion of this quest you'll also be able to weild them both.

Submited By: Legolas416 - Many Thanks!



Scorpion Catcher

Thormac has lost his rare lesser kharid scorpions after leaving their cage door open. These scorpions have hidden in areas that are rather difficult to get into. You will have to overcome various challenges (and drink a lot of beer) to get all the scorpions back. If you manage to help him Thormac will improve your battle staffs.

Quest Start Point - Sorcerer’s tower between Seers village and Catherby by the magic trees.

Minimal requirements: Level 31 Prayer and must have completed the Bar Crawl (if not you can do so during the quest).

Things needed: Armour, weapons and food. An Anti-poison potion and a dusty key.

To begin, head to the Sorcerer’s tower between Seers village and Catherby by the magic trees. Speak to Thormac the Sorcerer - He will tell you that his scorpions have escaped. Thormac will give you a cage to catch them and will advise you to talk to the Seer at Seer's Village. By doing this you can try and find the Scorpions for him. These scorpions are very tiny and not like any other scorpion in RS.

Scorpion Number One: Seer will give you an idea where to find the first scorpion. To find this you will need to go to the member's dungeon between Black Demons and Poison spiders (past baby blue and reg blue drags using Dusty Key to gain access to the drags). Click the strange looking wall and catch the scorpion with cage.

Scorpion Number Two: Go back and see Seer and he will give you another small clue about a place called the Barbarian Outpost. This can be found north from where you start the dwarf cannon quest, just North from Waterfall. When you talk to the guard there he will tell you that you have to prove yourself as a Barbarian and will then proceed to give you a Barcrawl Certificate. This Certificate has to be signed by all the bars listed on it or you will not gain access to the arena. This is also a great place to level agility when at the appropriate level. The bars listed at the bottom of this quide are the bars you need to attend to complete the card.

BlueMoon Inn: In Varrock .
Blurberry's Bar: In the Grand Tree .
Dead Man's Chest: Brimhaven.
Dragon Inn: South-west Yanille.
Flying Horse Inn: East Ardougne.
Foresters Arms: In Seer's Village.
Jolly Boar Inn: Near the Varrok wilderness.
Karamja Spirits Bar: Next to the general store.
Rising Sun Inn: In Falador.
Rusty Anchor Inn: Port Sarim.
Once the Bar Crawl is completed, go back to see the Guard and he will let you into the Outpost. Go straight ahead in the building and you will see a scorpion, catch it with your cage.

Scorpion Number Three: Go back to see the Seer again and will give you information on your Scorpion. The clue for the scorpion leads to a room with brown clothes. This means you need to go to the Monastery (Prayer Guild as some call it) You must have level 31 Prayer to get access. Catch the last scorpion and go back to Thormac the Sorcerer.

Reward: 1 Quest point and Thormac the Sorcerer will enchant battle staves for you (costs 40,000 gp).

Congratulations, you have completed the Scorpian Catcher!!!

Submitted By: Ambersky, - Many tnanks!!

The Shilo Village Quest

Rashiliyia, Queen of the Undead, has returned and brought a plague of Undead upon the village. See if you can solve the problem.

Minimal Requirements: Level 20 Crafting, Level 32 Agility. Completed Jungle Potion Quest. Be able to kill a Level 91, 68, 93 in a row!

Items Needed: Rope, Lit Candle, Spade, Armour & Weapons, Food, Bronze Bar, Chisel, Hammer. All these can be bought from the shop.

Step 1

To start this quest you will need to talk to Mosol Rei. He is located South East of Shilo Village (Go west of Shilo Village then cross the bridge, then head East to Mosol Rei)

When you talk to him an Undead One (level 68) will appear. Once you kill it talk to him again and he will tell you about the Undead Queen. Then he will give you the Wampum Belt

Step 2

Mosol Rei wants you to take the belt to Trufitus (Who is located south of birmhaven) Go talk to him and give him the belt, Ask him about the Undead Queen that Mosol Rei told you, then tell him that you will search for Ah Za Rhoon.

Now for the temple Goto the Far East side of the island and walk south following the coast until you find a wooden log that you can cross. Cross it to the other side and continue to head south. On the west side you should come across a mound of earth with a collection of rocks. Dig at the mound of earth with your spade. You should discover a fissure use your lit candle on it, once the candle burns out use your rope on the fissure. Search the fissure then climb down.

Step 3

In this area there are Undead One’s level 61 & 68. Work your way through them until you see an area with “Cave in” (West side). Search it and go through it. Now you will enter another are with Undead One’s level 61 & 68. Head north then follow the path. Head into the south east area and search the old sacks.

You will now get a Crumpled Scroll. Go north again and you will find some Ancient Gallows. Search them and receive a Zadimus Corpse. Now head back to where you found the Cave In, When you get close look on the West wall you will see Loose Rocks, search them and you will get a Tattered Scroll. Head south and go back through the “cave in”. Now look for a smashed table in the middle of the start of the river. Use the craft option to craft it into a crude raft. You will notice you don’t have enough wood, don’t worry just head southeast and you will find a waterfall, Search it and then climb up it. Head north back over the wooden log and back to Trufitus.

Use all the items on him including the skeleton. Once done read all the scrolls yourself. Now head west and bury the skeleton Zadimus will appear and talk to you. He will also give you a Bone Shard, keep this. Go back to Trufitus and use the bone shard on him, he will tell you about a tomb that you will need to find. Head south west until you find some rocks that you can climb. Then you will need to go across the bridge. Search the well stacked rocks on the island and you will drop down into another area.

Step 4

Head south to the Tomb Dolmen, Search it and you will get a Sword Pommel, Bervirius notes and a locating crystal. Now go back to the climbing rocks you just went past and climb them. Go back to Trufitus and give him all the items. He will tell you to get a Bronze necklace. To the northwest there is an anvil, make the necklace there. If you don’t have the items then you can buy them from the shop north west of the anvil. You will need a chisel, hammer and a bronze bar. Use the bronze bar on the anvil and create a bronze wire. Use the chisel on the Sword Pommel. Then use the beads on the bronze wire, this will make a necklace called “Beads of Dead”. Go back to Trufitus and show him.

Step 5

This part is where you are going to fight some high level monsters. Go get some food if you need too. Recharge your prayer. Head East again to the same wooden log and cross it again. Then head a little north (Past level 53 Jorges) until you come across a palm tree that you can search. Search the palm tree and Carved Doors will appear.

Try and open the doors but you cant. Use the chisel on your bone shard to get a key. Make sure you are wearing the “Beads of Dead” before entering the door. Use the bone key to open the door. Head south and open the gate, below are level 73, 68 Undead One’s. Climb down the rocks and then you will need to kill 3 then head south west to find a door. Use the bones on the door. Before entering make sure you have full health. And have equipped your armour.

Search the dolmen and a level 91 Nazastarool will appear. Kill him. Once dead another will appear level 68 Kill him. Now a level 93 will appear Kill him. You will notice a Rashiliya corpse on the dolmen take it and exit the area. Climb the rocks and use your bone key on the door. Now head back to the island with the stacked rocks and enter again. Go down to the Dolmen where you got the locating crystal from and use the corpse on it.

Well done quest complete! Thanks for using this quest guide.

Reward: 2 quest points, 3875 crafting exp. And the ability to enter Shilo Village!

Submitted By: durnik - Many thnanks!

The Temple of Ikov

A mysterious stranger called Lucien asks you to go on a mission deep under the Temple of Ikov in central Kandarin. He wants you to retrieve an artifact known as the Staff of Armadyl. Towards the end of the quest you are presented with a choice on how to complete the quest.

Minimal requirements: Range level of 35 (advantageous to be much higher if possible) Minimum Thieving level of 42.

Things needed: Lit Candle, best short bow you can wield and 20 limp roots, and a knife.

You need to first talk to Lucian in the Flying Horse Inn near the castle in Ardougne. He will ask you to retrieve the artifact that is called the Staff of Armadyl. He tells you that this will be a hard job to do and to make sure you are completely prepared. You will also receive the Pendant of Lucian again if you have previously dropped it although you will have to ask him for it.

Bank Everything you are wearing or have in your inventory with the exception of a knife, the lit candle and the pendant of Lucian. Now go to the temple which is towards seers, just out of Ardougne and near the range guild (You cant miss it!!) You will see the grey area with the red “!” indicating a Dungeon. Climb down ladder and go ahead and climb down the stairs, you will be in a room where you can find the boots of lightness behind a web. Chop web, take boots of lightness and wear them. Drop knife. You should now have a negative weight if you check your stats. Go back up stairs and enter room with Skeletons and run to the bridge (only try to cross bridge of you are at negative weight or you will fall into the Lava ) Run across bridge and enter room to retrieve the Lever piece.

Go back to bank and collect your bow, armour, weapon (or range gear can be worn too) food and some spare normal arrows if you like and limps etc. Go back to the dungeon and into the room with Skels, run past and disable the traps you see on the lever and pull the lever. Go back to the entrance ladder of the cave and search the walls nearby, you will see a grill that you can put your lever on. Attach lever and now enter the room opposite the skels. Here you will find the Ice Siders, search each chest and collect as many Ice arrows as you can. ( I understand that logging onto another world will make the arrows respawn but don’t hold me to that, I went and killed monster with 19 arrows only ) Once you have collected arrows, go back to the door near where you disabled traps. Enter room and try to open the opposite door, the fire monster should appear. Run behind pillars and range the fire monster with your ice arrows, if you have run out of arrows, normal ones will suffice. Now you can enter the next room and there you will see a Witch.

Talk to Witch and give her the limp roots, you will then be teleported into the next cave. Go all the way to the end of the cave and past skels and lessers, collect the shiny key. Go back up a little way and enter the room with the guardians. Remove your pendant, talk to the guardians and he will give you the staff you see on the table ( or allow you to take it ) The guardian will give you a pendant which allows you to kill Lucian. Once you have the staff, go to the hut in the little wooded area near Varrock and across the bridge from Edgeville. Kill Lucian.

Quest complete – Congratulations!!

Reward – 1 Quest Point, Ranging experience, Fletch experience and keep the Pendant of Lucian

Submitted By: Ambersky, many thanks!

The Fremennik Trials

Council workmen have at last found the time to make repairs to the footbridge that connects Kandarin with the Barbarian town of Rellekka. Do you have what it takes to impress the barbarians who live there, and perhaps be welcomed as an honorary member of their clan?

Minimal Requirements: 40 woodcutting, 40 crafting, 25 fletching, and the ability to slay a level 69 spirit, along with fighting several opponents using no weapons or armor.

Things Needed: Hatchet, Knife, 5,000 Gold Pieces, Tinderbox, 1 Raw Shark, Low-Alcohol Barrel (obtained from Poison Salesman in Seers Village for 250 Gold Pieces), some Food and/or some Prayer Potions if needed.

Talk to Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka to start this quest. After you tell him you want to become one of the tribe, he will tell you to seek out 12 of the coucilmen to see what would get them to vote for you. You only need 7 of these twelve however to get voted in. Here's the only 7 who will vote for you, and what you must do to gain their vote:

Sigli the Huntsman (near enterence) - Kill a level 69 ghost, the Draugen; weapons and armor are allowed.

Swensen the Navigator (in hut Southwest of main hall) - complete a maze, directions are letters of his name: S,W,E,N,S,E,N

Sigmund the Merchant (in the marketplace) - After talking to Sigmund, talk to these people in order: Sailor->Olaf->Yrsa->Brundt->Sigli->Skulgriemen->Fisherman->Swensen->Peer->Thorvald->Manni->Thora->Askeladden. After you talk to Askeladden and pay him the 5k, retrace your steps until you come back to Sigmund.

Olaf the Bard (Northeast of main hall in road) - Grab your hatchet and knife and head to the southeast. You should see alot of rabbits around a nice tree. Cut a branch off it and use a knife on it to get a lyre. Continue southeast until you see a troll guarding a golden tree. Talk to him, choosing "Other human?" to find out how Askeladden got some golden fleece from him. Go talk with Askeladden to get a pet rock, and grab some cabbage, potato, and onion while you're there. Go back to the Troll, and convince him that you can make a soup out of the rock. After you add the rock, onion, cabbage, and potato to this cauldron, he will give you some fleese. Go to Seer's village to spin it, then add the string to the lyre. Now you need to grab a raw shark to offer to the altar just west of the bridge to the village. After it is blessed, go to the back enterence to the main hall and perform.

Manni the Reveller (in main hall) - drinking contest (get a beer and a non alcoholic keg at the pub in Seer's village. Use the beer on the town concilman just before the bridge to get a strange object. Use the tinderbox on the strange object, then place it in the pipe on the east side of the main hall. Go inside, pick up the keg, and use the non-alcoholic keg on it. Then go up to Manni and start the contest.

Thorvald the Warrior (in hut north of main hall) - Kill 3 progressively harder opponents with no weapons nor armor. You can use Prayer and food. The trick for the final fight with the insanely fast 4th opponent is to just let him kill you. And don't worry, if you die here you don't lose anything you have in your inventory, but just get teleported to the top floor of that building.

Peer the Seer (just ouside his house south of market) - First you must let him deposit all your stuff into the bank before trying to enter his house. The first puzzle is the door. The clue pertains to letters in those words or not in those words . . . however the biggest clue is the final one. The word is random from person to person, some ones are Mind, Fire, etc. Once you get inside, go up the stairs and search all the items in the rooom, including crates, chests, and the two trophy heads. One chest you will notice has a scale on it, asking for exactly four, but you only have a jug of 3 and a bucket of 5. Here's what you do: Fill up the jug from the tap next to the range, pour into the bucket. Fill the jug again and fill up the bucket. Dump the bucket out and pour the remaining water from the jug into the bucket. Finally, fill the jug and add it to the bucket. Now use the bucket on the scale to get a vase. Now cook the red herring you have to get a herring and some red goo. Use the goo on the wood button to get another red button. Go downstairs on the east side and look for a mural on the west wall. Use the two red disks on it to get a vase lid. Fill up the vase with water, then add the lid. Use the covered vase on the frozen table, and it will shater. Use the resulting ice cube on the range, and then finally use that key to get out of there.

Reward: 3 Quest points and 2813 Attack, Defense, Strength, HP, Fletching, Crafting, Fishing, Cooking, Agility, Woodcutting and Thieving xp

Submitted by: Spikeragan & M86Firestorm


Watchtower Quest

The Wizards of the Yanille Watch Tower have been reporting increased ogre sightings recently. Use a wide variety of your skills to help the wizards recover their stolen power crystals and stop the advance of the ogre hordes!

Minimal requirements: 14 Herblore, 14 Magic, 30 Agility, 15 Thieving and 40 Mining.

Things needed: Gold Bar, A couple of Ropes, Dragon Bone, 1 Death Rune, 20gp, Food, Weapons & Armor, Lit Candle, Water-filled Vial, Guam Leaf, Bat Bones, Jangerberries, Pestle & Mortar and Nightshade plant which is collected in the city.

To start the quest, go to the Yanille Watchtower, which can be found outside the city walls. The guards will not let you up the ladder so you will need to find another way in, go inside Yanille walls to the right of magic guild and look for rocks jutting out of a wall, then go to tower and climb rocks out of the wall on the tower there. Get up to the top floor and talk to one of the wizards. He will tell you too look for a series of clues outside. Climb back down and search the bushes outside.

You will come across various items if you search ALL bushes. Make sure you have inventory space when doing this. You will find some fingernails and these are what the wizard is looking for. Take all items back to the wizard and let him have a look at them. He will tell you that they belong to a skavid which is a creature that lives in the ogre caves. He will also tell you that you will need a map to get through the caves, and the ogres probably have one. To get hold of this map, you will need to talk to one of the leaders of the ogre settlements outside the city itself. All the spare items from the Wizard can now be dropped.

Go through the west gates of the city and walk west until you see an island with ogres standing on there. If you look to the right of the island, you will see a tree that will allow you to use a rope on it. Use the rope on the branch and swing across and then go and speak with Grew. He will talk to you about getting a tooth from another ogre named Gorad, which can be found in the southeast settlement of the city. Do not forget to take a couple of Jangerberries before you leave the island as you will need these later on in the quest.

When you leave the first island you will need to head slightly north to another ogre colony and there you will speak to Og. He will tell you that you need to take some gold from the southeast settlement. At this point go southeast until you come upon another island. When you try to cross the bridge it will tell you that the bridge is out, but there is a ladder that comes up on the island. Head south and then west and follow the fence until you come upon a cave entrance. It should lead to the island. Now talk to Goban and he will tell you that he wants a Dragon Bone and in exchange he will give you a piece of a relic. Ok now you need to kill Gorad and his tooth will appear in your inventory. Now look for a chest and open it, and there you will find and take Goban’s stolen gold. Now you can go back down the ladder and go and find Grew to give the tooth to and Og who you need to give the gold to. Grew and Og will give you 2 pieces of relic and a crystal. Now go back to the wizard and let him have all 3 pieces. He will then put these together and give you the “statue of an Ogre” Make sure that you have this with you when you try to enter the Ogre city. Now you need to go south until you reach the path that goes up the mountain. You will reach some gates that are being guarded by Ogres. At one gate the guards want a gold bar; at the other they want the statue. By handing one set of guards the statue and one set of guards the gold bar, you can get into the Ogre City, Gu’Tanoth.

Now go down to the city and steal a rock cake from one of the counters. These guards are aggressive so watch out! Now go up on the top path and you will get to a couple of guards. Give them a rock cake and now they will let you pass. Now go to the next 2 guards and they will ask for 20gp to pass. Once you have given it to them you can jump over the bridge. Talk to the city guard and he ill give you a riddle. The answer is death rune – give this to him and he will give you a map.

Hopefully you will have your lit candle with you to go through the dark caves. Now go up the path to the guards that accepted the gold bar from you and go across the bridge to the cave entrance. Go through entrance and talk to one of the scared skavids. This is the Skavid that will teach you their language. Now go and find each cave entrance outside the city and say the correct word to each of the skavids you find in there. NOTE: In one of the caves you will see a nightshade plant which you will need to take (2) but make sure you do not eat them or you will be poisoned! You will speak to 4 Skavids in total all of which will be amazed you can speak their language. Now go and speak to the Mad Skavid and when you select the proper response he will give you the second crystal.

Finally, you will need to go back in the ogre city, past where you gave the statue and you will see the Enclave Guard, use the nightshade plant on them – This is not good for them but distracts them so you can head into the cave behind the Enclave guard. Inside this cave you will see a few deadly monsters ( Blue dragons and ogre Shamans and Chieftans as well as a couple of Greaters which are behind some fencing. Go in and find the robe top (near Greaters cage and a pile of skeletons) then search the robe. Do not talk to any ogres while there. Now you need to go back to the wizard in the tower. He will tell you that you need to make a potion out of a Guam leaf, the Jangerberries, and ground bat bones.

Make sure you mix the potion in the order stated or it will explode – care and attention is needed here!!!

Make the potion when you are in the tower and make sure that you talk to the wizard and he will enchant it for you. Make sure that before you go back to the Shaman Cave you take a pickaxe with you.

Go back to the Enclave Guard and use another Nightshade plant on it and now you can enter the Shaman Cave. Use the potion on each Shaman and they will disappear. You will note that the last Shaman drops the third crystal – Now you can go to the Rock of Dalgroth and mine the last crystal out of the rock which you can see in the middle of the cave near some green looking greenery and a statue. Once you have mined the rock, you can now go back to the Wizard and your quest will be completed.

Well done you have now completed the Watchtower quest!!!

Reward: 4 Quest Points, Magic Experience, 5000 Coins and the ability to cast Watchtower Teleport but only when you have relevant magic level.

Submitted By: Ambersky, many great thanks!!


Death Plateau

Trolls have come down from the north and are camped on Death Plateau, they are using this base to launch attacks on the principality of Burthorpe! The Imperial Guard is taking heavy losses, they need your help!

If you are in search of adventure speak to Denulth, the leader of the Imperial Guard, in the Burthorpe training camp north of the Hero's Guild and accept the Death Plateau quest!

While this is a quest completable at any level, players with a low combat level should be very cautious or they could come to a sudden and sticky end at the hands of trolls.

Minimal Requirements: None

Things Needed: Iron Bar, 10 trout(raw), 10 Bread (cooked), and 1 Blueberry Special from the Gnome stronghold. And to help yourself out with the quest, I suggest a prayer potion, falador teleport runes(2 or 3), and a few food and some gold! Say, 2000gp.

First thing first! Our quest begins north of Taverly, beyound the Heros guild. When you get there, you'll automatically start seeing a few buildings. First, head to the south west side of the city, behind the Toad and Chicken Pub there. You'll see Soldiers out, training and grey tent with red trimming on the bottom. Inside, you'll find Denulth.

Denulth will ask you to do two things. 1. Find a private path up to Death Plateau that's safe for them. And find the combination to the equipment room and unlock the door. Firstly, path up to the Plateau frist, so we'll go this way. Make your way up north west of the castle, and follow the grey pathway. As you follow it, you'll come to a cave in the side of a mountain, you'll want to enter it and speak to Saba. He tells you of another person you should meet inorder to find another way up to Death Plateau, now exit the cave.

Again, continue up the trail. You'll see another Soldier sitting on the ground, go past him. Just a few steps ahead, you'll find a danger side. From there, go west untill you reach a settlement. Try to open the door, you'll knock on it and talk to Tenzing. Speak to him, tell him of the problems. He'll ask you to help him out wiht a few suplies and to take boots to get them spiked for him back in the city. Go back to the city, and head north east this time. Untill you reach an Anvil. Inside, will be the person who you need to speak to. Talk to him, and he (Like every one else, ugh) Will ask you to do him a favor as well.

He wants his 16 year old brat to get into the Imperial Guards, go back and speak to Denulth and he'll give you a certificate for it. Again, go back to the black smith and he'll make the boots for you. Once you have the boots, you'll need to make your way back up to Tenzing. Give him the (UN-NOTED) 10 trouts, 10 Bread and the boots.

From there he'll speak to you a bit more and give you a map. You'll have to go up the trail yourself to make sure it's safe. Go to the back of Tenzing's house, and hop over the stile in the back. Go up the trail and around it. All is safe, no worries of being attacked. Once you go far enough, you'll get a message saying you've done so. And that you can go back now. So head back down to the city.

Once you're there, you'll need to figure out the combination and unlock the door. First, we should find the guard that was on the last watch. For this, let's go to the large castle, up up stairs. From there, we'll need to talk to Eohric, and ask him where you can find the guard. He'll tell you that you can find him in the Toad and chicken Inn. So, lets head over there now! Ah, finally there.. let's head upstairs to the sleeping quarters and find that pesky Harold. Now here is where it can get tricky!

First, Harold isn't weary of talking to anyone. So we need to get him lightned up some. Once you talk to him, go back to Eohric and talk to him. He'll tell you that Gamblig and Drinking might work. Let's go to the bar, and buy us 20 Asgarian Ales to start with. Go up to harold, and offer him a drink. Keep offering drinks untill you see another option to "Gamble" with him. Gamble with him, and bet small (I bet 10gp), you'll lose the first round. Then offer him another drink, he might take another one. If he does, offer him one more drink. Then he'll ask for a Blueberry Special, give it to him. Once you've done that, he'll be happy. But don't ask him about it!! No no, you need to gamble with him again. This time, bet large. I bet 150gp. You'll lose, then he'll decide you've won. Yes, he's totally drunk now and writes you an IOU on the back of the Combination!! Mwahah, foolish guard.

Now that we have the combination, let's go back the caslte, where the lock is! Go aroud, and pick up all the stons behind the Stone Mechanism (which is on the west all of the castle. Read your combination, and lets put the stones in their spot and see what happens! Ok, let's work out the combination:

Red is north of Blue.
Yellow is south of Purple.
Green is north of Purple.
Blue is west of Yellow.
Purple is east of Red.

Ok, now position yourself west of the lock-mech. (Facing North), Like so:

Run! Open the door and talk to the Archer upstairs, then go back and speak to Denulth. He'll give you steel claws, 1 quest point. And attack XP. Along with the knowledge to make your own claws. Congradulations, you've finished the quest!

~ Writen by Midd_Knight

Element work shop will go here this is only E

Fishing Contest

The mountain Dwarve's home would be an ideal way to get across White Wolf mountain safely. However the Dwarves aren't too fond of strangers. They will let you through if you can bring them a trophy. The trophy is the prize for the annual Hemenster fishing competition.

Minimal Requirements:10 fishing.

Things Needed: 10 coins, garlic (can be found in Draynor Village), a spade, and a normal fishing rod.

To begin, head to one of the two underground entrances to the dwarves home. These can be found to the east and west sides of White Wolf Mountain. Talk to the dwarf there, and ask if you can be friends. He will say that you need to gain his trust first, to do this you need to win him the trophy of the annual Hemenster fishing contest.

Go to the north of McGrubor's forest, there should be a loose railing. squeeze through it. Now go to the west of the forest where you should see a big red vine. Check it and you will find a red vine worm, keep checking until you have about 3. When you have the worms, leave the forest.

Go to Hemenster and try to get in to the fishing contest, a guy will say you need a fishing pass to enter, show him the pass and enter.

Talk to the sinister stranger, and say that he's a vampire. He will try to convince otherwise. He is really a vampire (watch your back or better, your neck).

Now talk to Bonzo and pay him 5 gp to enter the contest. Your fishing spot is next to the willow tree.

Put the garlic in the pipes. The vampire will say that there's a bad smell and he wants to switch places. Now your fishing spot is at the pipes. Start fishing and you will get a carp. Show the carp to Bonzo and you have won the contest.

Go back to the mountain dwarf and talk to him, he will thank and reward you.

Congratulations! You finished the quest!

Reward: 1 Quest point, fishing experience and permission to access the underground home of the mountain dwarfs.

Submitted by:Dark_kaouru, many thanks!


Heroes Quest

Minimal Requirements: 25 Herblore, 53 Fishing and Cooking, Completed the following quests: Sheild Of Arrav, Merlins Cryats, Lost City & Dragon Slayer. Ability to defeal a level 111 and to run past level 61's for abuot 5 mins..

Items Needed: Pickaxe, Fishing Rod, Bait, Harralander, You need to work alongside a player from the other gang (Black Arm and Pheonix) so you will need to find someone who is not in the gang ou are in. If you are pheonix you will need a bow and arrows and a friend from the Black Arm Gang. If you are Black arm you will need Full Black Armour and a friend from the pheonix gang..

Starting Location: Heroes Guild, North of the Herblaw shop.


To begin the quest, go and pay a visit to Achietties, who is walking around outside the heries guild, North West of the heroes guild and East of White Wolf Mountain. You will ask her hou you can become a member of the heroes guild and she will tell you that you need three things. You will need an Entrana Firebird Feather, A Master Theives Armband, and a Cooked Lava Eel. Looks tricky. It is. Lets get to work.

The first item that we will be concentrating on is the Firebird Feather. It is pretty easy to find one (by killing the level 2 firebird on Entrana), but you cannot pick it up because it burns your hands when you touch it. To pick it up you need Ice Gloves, and these are a definite drop from a level 111. You will need to take whatever you need to beat a level 111.

To get to the underground lair of the Ice Queen you need to climb the rockslide in the north of White Wolf Mountain.

Once you are over, ignore the ice warriors (there aer two of them) and go down the southern ladder (There are three) to enter the Ice dungeon. The Ice dungeon is filled with level 61 ice spiders that do not show up on your mininap, just run past them.

Once inside, follow the path the only possible way until you come to an intersection, at the intersection head southwest. Once you are at the end of this tunnel go up the ladder and then back down the ladder to the East of where you emerge. Follow this tunnel to the end, and again climb up the ladder. Prepare for a fight. There will be 10 level 54 ice warriors and one level 111 ice queen in a milticombat zone. Final ladder to climb, its the only one on this cliff, go down it. You will be in the queens chamber, run past all the warriors and hide behind the queens throne untill they move away. Once they are at a safe distance jump out and attack the queen who will be by her throne, using this tactic I got her all to myself without any interferance from her warrior protectors.

I did not find her very hard to kill personally. She only did 15 damage and I did not need a bit of food. Once she is dead, make sure you pick up the gloves. Now you have the ice gloves, put them on and backtrack all of the way out of the dungeon (or teleport) and head over to Entrana. Once you are there, go over the bridge to the North Eastern part of the island and kill the level 2 firebird that will be running around there. Once you are done pick up the firebird feather and because you have the gloves on, you will be able to pick it up and the first item is complete.

The next item on your list is the Cooked Lava Eel. You will need the fishing rod, Harralander and a water filled vial. I also suggest you take some food, armour and a dragonfire sheild as you will need to run past quite a few monsters and some dragons.

This is eaier, but still hard. Go to port sarim, and talk to the fishing shop owner, ask him how to catch lava eels. He will tell you that you need a fireproof line, which can be made from the fireproof Blamish Snail Oil. He has some of the oil, but you need to add it to a harrander potion, so add the harralander to a water filled vial, then add the snail oil. Once you have the blamish oil, use it on a fishing rod to get an "Oily Rod". Once you have your rod it is time to go fishing.

Go to taverly dungeon it is directly south of the heroes guild, south of the herblore shop, on the coast, in the middle of a bunch of dead trees. Once you have found it, go down the ladder.

Now, I have been nice, it took a while to make this map. Follow the black path from the entrance, through some passageways, passing Chaos Druids, Animated Axes, Poison scorpions, and then black knights, and some other NPC's less numerously. Follow the path all the way to a level 49 jailer. Kill him to obtain his jail key and open the south cell. Incide will be a man named Verlak The Explorer. Ask him if he knows any good places to explore and he will say he does, but that you need a key to get to it, he will give you the key.

Once you have the dusty key from Varlak, backtrak along the black path untill you come to the intersection beween the black and white paths. Now, follow the white path, when you come to the red square there will be a door thet you will need to unlock with your dusty key. Make sure you have your dragonfire sheild here because there are quite a few blue dragons that can attack you and hit you for 35+ hp at once without it. Once you have run through the blue dragon chamber you should be at the lava eel fishing spot. The fishing spots themselves are quite hard to see so just run your cursor around the coastline untill you find them. Once you have found them fish a few and run / teleport out and cook the eel on a range.

The last item is the Master Theives Armband. This is the hardest part because you need to find someone who is not in your gang to help you. Also, both the Phaonix and Black Arm members have completlety different instrutions and you cannot change your gang, so if you find someone from the same gang as you, you may as well of found no one. For this part of the quest you will need the gang - specific items listed at the top of the page

Pheonix Instructions:

Go and talk to straven in Varrok about how to get a master theives armband. He will say that it took him ages to receive his, but there is a new job that no one else can crack that would probrably get you the band much more quickly. You will need to steal scarface pete's candlesticks. You need to talk to Charlie the Cook and Alfonse the Waiter in the Shrimp and Parrot pub, in Brimhaven. Before you go however, you will need to receive the miscelaneous key from your Black Arm Friend. Once you have it, head over to Brimhaven and Talk to alfonse and the cook, respectively, and give them each the password. Then head out the secret pannel that Charlie the Cook tells you about. It is on the west wall

Once you are in the garden, head across to the west side and through the door into the western house. Once inside, use the miscelaneous key on the inner locked door and go through. Your Black Arm friend will search a cupboard in the adjacent room and an NPC named Grip will walk into the adjacent room. Now, all you have to do is range Grip to death. Once he is dead, you can meet up with your Black Arm Friend who has two candlesticks, one for you and one for him. Once he has traded the candlestick with you, head back to straven for the armband.

Black Arm Instructions: (Sorry - No Pics)

You have the expensive half of the quest. Go to Varrok and speak to Katrine about the master theives armband. She will tell you that you need to steal Scarrface Pete's candlesticks to get one. Pete lives in Brimhaven. Before you can steal them however, you will need to get ID papers to be let into his mansion. She will also tell you that the gang password is "Four Leaf Clover".

Enter the house East of the pirates bar and speak to Trobert or Gruber who will give you your ID papers. Now put on your full black armour and enter Scarface Pete's mansion.

Once inside, talk to Grip, he will give you a key whick you MUST give to your pheonix friend. Then, go back inside the mansion and open the cupboard in the northern room, adjacent to where your pheonix friend is standing. Grip will walk in and your pheonix friend will range him to death. Once he is dead he will drop a key.

Pick up the key and use it to unlock the treasure room to the West. Once you are in, search for the candlesticks and once you have them, give one to your pheonix friend and keep one for yourself.

Pheonix AND Black Arm:

Once you each have a candlestick, you can return to your gang leaders for an armband each.

Finally, you can go back to the heroes guild and speak to Achiettes. She will grant you access to the guild. Congratulations, Quest Complete.

Reward: Ability to buy and weild dragon axes and maces, entry to the heroes guild, 1500-3000 exp in Attack, Defence, Strength, Range, Hits, Cooking, Mining, Smithing, Herblore, Woodcutting and Firemaking, 1 quest point..

Submitted by: Sooper Dood - Many Thanks!


In Search of the Myreque

Canifis is experiencing an upsurge in new faces and a new stranger has appeared with a job to track down some local heroes known only as "The Myreque". The Myreque are fighting a desperate battle against the darkness of Morytania and he wishes to take them weapons to aid in the battle. Can you help him out?

Minimal Requirements: 25 agility and the ability to kill a level 97 foe.

Things Needed: Anything you need to kill a level 97 foe, along with 2 shortswords, a longsword, a dagger, a mace, and a warhammer, all of which are steel, along with the druids pouch with plenty of charges, 6 planks, a hammer, some gold, 30 nails,

Start this one out by heading to Canifis and talking to the stranger in the pub. He will tell you of the Myreque, and how they need some steel weapons - 2 shortswords, a longsword, a dagger, a mace, and a warhammer. When you have all these, head towards Mort'ton in search of the boatman.

You will find him on the east edge of Mort'ton. You will have to talk to him for a while to convince him to help you. Once you succeed in doing so, he will ask for 6 planks. Give them to him and pay the 10 gp fee to use his boat. Once you arrive, head north looking for a bridge suspended by two trees. Climb up the tree and fix the bridge when it breaks. After you make it across, look for a guy just outside a strange tree. Talk to him and answer his questions correctly. They are random each time, so make sure you pay attention to the conversion with the boatman earlier! Some questions include:

Who is the leader? - Veliaf
Who is the youngest? - Ivan
Who is the scholar? - Palnafi
Who is the ruling family? - Draken
Who is the only female member? - sani
Who is the boatman? - Cyreg Paddlehorn

After entering, look for a cave entrance behind a stalagmite, then talk to the leader, Veliaf. He asks you to speak with the rest of the members, so go do that. After you finish introducing yourself, they will be attacked. Defend them by attacking the dog, which is quite easy considering its level (at 87 combat with armor, it didn't even hit me, and I didn't use prayer) It will drop 2 uncut rubies and 4 big bones.

After you kill it, talk to Valiaf and then go search the wall at the end of the cave. You will appear behind the pub you started from. Talk to the stranger again and you will have completed the quest!

Reward: 2 Quest points and some attack, strength, defense, hitpoint, and crafting xp, plus access to a shortcut to Mort'ton!

Submitted by: M86Firestorm

Monkey Madness

The King of the northern Gnomes, Narnode Shareem, is once again in need of your help. He recently decided to send an envoy of his Royal Guard, the 10th squad, to oversee the decommission of the Gnome owned ship-building facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja.

It has been quite some time since the 10th squad were dispatched and they have been deemed missing in action. It will be up to you, should you decide to help, to find out what fate befell the 10th squad and if possible, track them down.

If only it were so simple. Sinister forces have begun to spread through the Gnome hierarchy and threaten to unleash an unknown terror upon the world. Far across the land, the fires of vengeance are being stoked once again. Can you unravel the mystery behind the deception? Can you seperate the truth from the lies? Can you decide for yourself what is real and what is not?

Warning: This is a challenging and arduous quest. Only the most hardened of adventurers need apply.

Minimal requirements:

Things Needed: 1 gold bar, 1 ball of wool, monkey corpse/bones from Karamja, loads of good food (shark recommended) and prayer pots. Startpoint: Tree Gnome Stronghold, speak to King Narnode.

After you speak with King Narnode to start the quest, you are handed the "Gnome Royal Seal" and are asked to go investigate the shipyard on Karamja because a group of the king's elite men er.. gnomes had vanished there. Go to the top of the tree and fly your glider to Karamja. After arriving, go west a bit then north to reach the shipyard.

When you arrive at the ship yard, hand the doorman the royal seal, and walk in. Find G.L.O. Caranock in the little house to the south. He will tell you that he knows nothing of the royal guard being sent, and that he will personally see to the decomissioning of the ships.

Head back to King Narnode. King Narnode will hand you orders to give to Daero, who can be found at the beverage store on the second floor of the tree. Daero will decode the message and inform you of your mission. He will then blindfold you and bring you to the secret military hanger. There is a control panel in the room, after you speak with Daero grab the spare control panel from the floor (finished copy of puzzle) and begin to solve the puzzle. If you are lazy, it's also possible to pay 200k and therefore not have to do the puzzle yourself. Once you complete the puzzle the room will begin to shake.

After you finish the puzzle, speak to Daero. He will inform you that you may now take off for your quest. Speak to the Pilot and you take off to crash island. Speak to the gnome left on the island. He will tell you that the rest of the royal guard went onto a boat to another island. He will also inform you that he's guarding the glider wreckage, and cannot take you across. Speak to your pilot who will convince the gnome to take you.

Once on the Island head west until you find a dungeon symbol on the map. Go down the ladder, follow the path until you get to the end (you pass 30+ lvl 98 Monkey Zombies, and pass 20+ lvl 148 Skeletons). Talk to the gnomes at the end of the path and they will tell you of their plan to rescue their captured comrades.

Once you talk to the mage in the tunnel, it's best to teleport out. Stock up on prayer pots and antipoisons and head back to Daero. Take the glider and boat again, but this time go further north-west from the dungeon. You will see a canyon, turn protect from missles prayer on and go through it. You will be knocked out by poison arrows and put in jail (every time you are knocked out you will be placed back here, and sometimes you can be stunned and unable to move for up to 5 minutes. If you seem stuck, log out and back in again so you don't have to wait). Sneak past the guards when they are switching shifts and head to the room to the south with crates and a trapdoor in the middle of it. One of the double stacked crates to the left of the room dentures in it. Grab the dentures and find another crate with a hole under it in the northwest corner of the room. Go down the hole and search the crates inside that room to find the mold.

Find your way out of the little cave and head south of the temple/palace to talk to the commander of the Royal guard, Garkon. He will then tell you to go back and speak with the mage (in the tunnel). Teleport out, and go get more food, anti poison pots, a gold bar, and a ball of wool from your bank. (Also, to save time go to Brimhaven now from Ardougne and kill the Karamja monkey in front of the brimhaven agility area for its bones). Head back to tunnel and speak to the mage. The mage will ask for the bones, mold, and gold bar. Use them each on him and he will then in return give you a now sacred bar of gold and the mold back. Head back to the monkey town and enter the temple/palace. Run down to the trapdoor and use the sacred bar on the fire down there. Use the ball of wool on the ammy and equip it. Now speak to the monkey child west of the jail. Tell him you're his uncle and he will tell you to collect 20 bananas so he can get a new toy from his aunt. Make sure to stay away from the aunt, as if she sees you she'll call the ninja monkey guard after you! Talk to the monkey child again after collecting only a few bananas from the trees right there (he can't count so there's no need to get the full 20). Talk to him again and he will give you his new 'toy' to borrow, the talisman.

Next head back to the mage and use the talisman on him. He will turn you into the monkey, the type depends on the bones you gave him. Head back to the town and speak with the sergeant south of the temple/palace. The sergeant will tell you the real story of why the king needed you to help with this quest, and that you need to be able to become a monkey from karamja. Speak with the merchant at the magic stall and purchase a talisman from him. Teleport back to ardougne and take the ship to brimhaven. Kill a little brown monkey to the south of the brimhaven agility course. Grab its corpse or bones, and head back to the mage to get another suit.

Head south of the temple/palace and speak to the sergeant, Garkor again. He will tell you to speak to Awowogei. Now speak to one of the elder guards and he will tell you to find kruk to get permission. Kruk is on the hill to the left of the entrance to the town. Open the gates (as a monkey) to get into the town, and then head left (west) and get onto the hill. Go as far onto the hill as you can, and then climb the bamboo ladder there. Cross the bridge and you will find Kruk down the next ladder. Talk with him, and he teleport you to talk to Awowogei on his throne. Awowogei tells you to bring a captive monkey as proof of your sincerity.

Head to ardougne zoo and use your talisman to change into a karamja monkey. Now speak with a monkey monitor who will put you into the cage. Talk to a monkey and convince him to get in your backpack, transform back to human and talk to the monkey monitor to get taken out. Head back to the monkey ruler, and show him the monkey you rescued (use it on him).

Talk to an Elder Guard to get out of the house, then go and talk to the sergeant. He will send you to a cut scene, then he will hand you a badge. Head back to a bank if you need to and stock up on some food/pots. Equip the badge, and you will be teleported to a fight (may need to be in monkey town). You will have to defeat a lvl 193 demon, which uses both melee and magic attacks. The easiest way to defeat the demon if you have decent range is just to range it from afar with protect from magic prayer on. After you defeat the demon, speak with the sergeant and then speak to the mage. Finally, head back to king Nornode for your reward!

Reward: 10k cash, 3 cut diamonds and training exp: 35k att, 35k def, 20k str, 20khp - or - 35k str, 35k hp, 20k att, 20k def.

Quest points:3

Submitted by: Rune1988



Continuing the plague city series, the Regicide quest takes you beyond the 'Well of Voyage' to a new realm. King Lathas will employ you once again, this time for the grim task of deposing his brother. Once you have travelled to the realm you will find yourself surrounded by new and strange plants, animals and even a new race. Once there, you will see that everything is not as serene as it first appears.

Minimal Requirements: 56 agility, ability to kill a lvl 110 guard, and have finished the Underground Pass quest.

Things Needed: Everything needed to get through the Underground Pass (2 ropes, bow & arrows, 2 planks, and lots of food), mortar and pestle, pickaxe, pot, 20 or so coal, and 4 balls of wool.

Start this one by talking to King Lathas after his messanger summons you. After you talk to him, start heading through the Underground Pass (Underground Pass Guide) Don't worry, you won't need to do the orbs, unicorn, or doll again . . . just all those annoying traps. Once you get to Iban's throne, head through the now opened Well of Voyage. Exit the cave you appear in, and you will enter the Elvish lands.

A stranger will approach you, then two elves will kill him and ask you to report to Lord Iowerth, northwest of there. It is well hidden, so try veering off the main path. Be weary of traps! There are leaf covered spike pits, poisoned wire traps, and others. After finding his camp, south east, jump over the leaf trap, and head past some rabbits to find the tracker. He will ask for some proof. Go back to Lord Iowerth to obtain this proof, then go back to the tracker.

After he belives you and asks you to look for clues west of the camp, look for footprints, then click on them and choose follow. Now head back to the tracker, then go back to the prints and head through the dense wood. Avoid the lvl 110 guards for now, just head north and beware the trip wires near the rocks. Go past the bears and look for the catapult to the west. Try heading south into the dense forest, but a lvl 110 guard will attack, which you must kill this time. After you kill him, head south through the dense forest and into the camp. Grab a few barrels while you are there, then head back towards Lord Iowerth.

He will give you a Big Book of Bangs, which details how to make an explosive. For the brimestone, head to just south of the tracker and pick some sulfur, when you should then use a mortar and pestle on. For the Naphtha, use the barrels you got from the camp on the tar. Get some of each incase you fail mixing them later on. For the limestone you can just teleport out, since you will need a chemist's help. There is some limestone on the path between Varrock and Morytania for the Quicklime. Use the limestone on a furnace to make the quicklime, and then head towards Rimmington, the town near Melizar's Maze. Go to the chemist who helped you out on the Biohazard quest. He will tell you how to use the distiller to make the Naphtha. Get a lot of coal in your inventory for this next part . . .

To use the distiller, you need to have the heat in the green (but not in the red), the presure not in the red, and have the tar at the 12 o'clock position. Closing the Tar valve slowly builds up the heat, have it closed when you add coal to raise the heat, and open it when it gets hot. Opening this valve builds up pressure, so you will need to open the pressure valve a bit, but that will cause the heat to drop, and so on. When you have a full green bar of distilled tar, head back to the bank. Now get the things you need to get through the Underground Pass in addition to the barrel bomb, a tinderbox, and 4 balls of wool. Go back through the Underground Pass and head to Lord Iorworth's camp.

After you get to the camp, use the 4 balls of wool on a loom to get cloth, then use that on the bomb to give it a fuse. Next, kill a rabbit and cook its meat on one of the fires at the camp. Now head towards the catapult. Use the cooked rabbit on the guard watching the catapult, then when he's eating it. use the bomb on the catapult. Watch the fireworks, and then head back towards the elvish camp. After Lord Iorwerth gives you his message, head back towards Argidone and King Lathas. Congrats, you're finished!

Reward: 3 quest points, a shortcut into the Elvish lands, 13k agility xp, 15k gold, and the ability to weild the dragon halbred

Submitted by: M86Firestorm

Roving Elves Quest

Deep in the elven forests of Isafdar, live a duo of roving elves: Islwyn a grumpy, old elf who dislikes humans and his companion Eluned who is a beautiful, friendly, young female elf with a kind heart. In this quest you are challenged to overcome Islwyn's prejudice against humans and alleviate the burdens of the past.

Minimal Requirements: Must have completed the Regicide Quest and the Waterfall Quest. Must also be able to defeat a level 84 enemy unarmed.

Things Needed: Plenty of food, a rope, spade, teleport runes and a poison potion (just incase!). You'll also need the amulet of Glarial and Glarial's pebble - If you have lost these items please forward your attention to The Waterfall Quest Guide to find out how to get them again.

To begin the Quest you must seek out Islwyn and Eluned. They wonder the elven forest of Isafdar, and can be found resting in various locations. The easiest to find however, is the magic tree spot, to the south-east of the forest. If they are not there when you first arrive, wait a few minutes, and they'll eventually show up. Speak to them both and they'll tell you of the desecration of Glarial's tomb, who happens to be Islwyn's Grandmother. He'll talk to you about how terrible humans are for doing such a thing. Select the option "Tell the Truth" and you will tell Islwyn that it was you who desecrated Glarials tomb, but only to lye her ashes to rest in Baxtorian Falls, where she would have wanted to be. He will tell you that a magic seed needs to be planted in her new resting place, to protect it. He will then give you some information on where to find it.

Teleport to Camelot, or Ardougne, and make your way to the nearest bank. Deposit all your weapons and armour, but withdraw plenty of food, prayer potions and most importantly, Glarial's pebble. Then head west of Mc Grubber's wood, across the balance log, and south through the gates out of the mining area. From there, head south and a little east to reach Glarial's old tomb, which you'll remember from the Waterfall Quest. Use your pebble with the tombstone, and you'll be taken underground, to her previous resting place.

Here you must fight and defeat a level 84 Moss Giant Guardian. Flip on your prayer and attack him. (If you've not got 43 prayer for protect from melee, I suggest you use plenty of good food). After you've defeated him (he shouldn't give you too much trouble) he'll drop a seed. It can be pretty tricky to see on the ground, so look carefully. Once you've got it, grab your gear and head back to Islwyn and Eluned back in Isafdar. Islwyn will enchant it and ask you to plant it near Glarial's new resting place.

Head over to Baxtorian Falls, making sure you're wearing your amulet of Glarial, and that you have food and rope. Hop on the raft, once your on the island use your rope with the rock, and then with the dead tree. Once on the waterfall ledge, enter through the doorway. Head down the passage in front of you and continue down the right chamber. Search the crates there for a key, and then back track to take the left chamber. Enter this room, and open the door towards the back of the room with your key. Use this key with the second door along the passage, and you'll be in the chamber where you laid Glarial's ashes to rest in the Waterfall Quest. Go near the Chalice and plant your seed. Once you've done this a magic crystal tree will grow.

Head back to Islwyn and Eluned, they'll thank and reward you for putting their minds at rest. Well done!

Reward: 1 Quest point, 10k Strength experience, and the ability to buy and use the new Elf Crystal items - you'll be given a choice between a Crystal Bow, or a Crystal Shield. Each have 200 uses before they are destroyed, and become weaker the less uses they have remaining. However by speaking to Islwyn, you can replace them for a small (lol, not!) fee of 900k for the bow, and 750k for the shield. However, when purchasing them they'll have 10/10 uses instead of the 2/10 like the one you receive for free.

Submitted by: Legoals416, many thanks!

Shades of Mort'ton

Mort Myre's south border has been breached, and a path towards a strange town called 'Mort'ton' has been found. Strangers return from such visits with tales of the 'Afflicted' and shadowy creatures who jealously guard their tomb treasure

Minimal Requirements: 15 Herblore, 20 Crafting, and the ability to kill a level 40 monster. You must have completed the Preist in Peril Quest too.

Things needed: At least 2 Tarromin/water vials (use Tarromin in a vial of water), a Tinderbox, Hatchet, and 5,000+ gp.

To start, locate the town of Mort'ton, which can be found by going through the maze south of Mort Myre's southern border. Head south and locate the house with a broken table and broken glass on the ground. Search the broken table and keep the 3 herbs you find. ID the herbs (there will be 2 tarromin and one rogue's purse) and use the tarromin with your vials of water (the Rogue's Purse has no purpose in this quest). Then search the shelf on the wall, and read the diary of Herbi Flax that you find there. Cut down some logs from the many dead trees around the town, use your tinderbox to put them on fire, and collect their ashes. Add these ashes to your tarromin/water solutions to get Serum 207. Use this on the Shop Keeper (Razimire). After a bit of conversation he will ask you to slay 5 shades (the green shadow creatures all around the town) and bring him back their remains. After you slay 5 of them, pick up their remains and head back to Razimire. You will need to use the Serum on Razimire again to be able to talk to him, and after you do he will take some of the remains from you.

Next use the Serum 207 on Ulsauire Shauncy (in the house nextdoor). Talk to him and show him the rest of the remains. Talk to him for a bit and he will tell you how to rebuild the temple. Go back to Razimire (you may have to use another dose of Serum 207 on him). Ask to see his general store and buy a hammer and 2 vials of olive oil. Now see his building supply store and buy around 15 swamp paste and 3 each of limestone bricks, stones, and planks.

Go to the temple North of Razimire and begin rebuilding/reinforcing the temple (just click on one of the walls). You will have to do this with a few other people, it's not possible to build up the entire temple yourself. When your Sanctity is at 10% light the fire in the middle of the temple and use the olive oil on the flame. The Olive Oil will turn into Sacred Oil. Use the Sacred Oil on a log to make it a Pyre Log. Now kill another Loar Shade,grab its remains, and head south to a Funeral Pyre. Use the Pyre logs and then the Loar remains on the Funeral Pyre, and then use a tinderbox to light it. Grab the key that appears at the end of the Pyre. Head back to Ulsauire and he will reward you.

Congratulations! You've finished the quest!

Reward: 3 Quest points, and around 2k herblore and crafting experience. You can also gain extra herblore experience by giving the diary to the apothecary in varrok.

The key is for the doors to the north-west. There you will find a cave with different types of shades. There are also more doors and chests inside, to open these you need to obtain different keys.

These are obtained by using the same procedure as the first key. For the lvl 60 shades (like the Lvl 40 Loars) just regular logs work, but once you get a steel key and kill some of the lvl 80's you'll need at least maple logs and 40+ firemaking. The higher lvl the shade you kill is, the higher the log needed, all the way up to magic logs who need 80+ firemaking to burn and get keys. This is the only way to obtain the new Fine Cloth which is used to make the new armour for mages, Splitbark. The higher lvl the of shade you kill and set free by burning their remains, the better the chance of getting Fine Cloth, but it is extremely rare. I spent 5 hours attempting to get some but in all that time i only found one (from lvl 80 shade remains). Even if you don't get Fine Cloth, you can get various types of armor or amounts of gold. All i can say is... good luck!

To make a permanent serum (which won't require you to continually use a dose of serum to talk to the storekeepers) use Serum 207 on the fire in the temple once you are up to 20% sanctity. After using the serum on Razmire or Ulsauire they will give you 200gp each.

Submitted by: Rune1988 and Afsd, Many thanks!


Tai Bwo Wanai Trio

In Jungle Potion, the Shaman Trufitus communed with the Gods to determine the fate of his people. Now Timfraku, the Chief of Tai Bwo Wannai, wishes to see his people and family return to the abandoned village. Help a depressed fisherman, encourage a raging hunter and satiate an eccentric priest in this extreme test of aptitude and patience!

Minimal Requirements: Must have completed the Jungle Potion Quest: Level 30 Cooking, Level 15 Agility, Level 65 Fishing, High level agility and Herblore is a distinct advantage, Must be able to defeat level 48 Jogres

Things Needed: 2 agility potions, Spear (iron or better), Small net, Banana, Karamja Rum, Seaweed, Bow/arrows, Pestel and mortar, Knife, Karambawn (get during quest), 25+ Karamnawmji (need during quest, get during quest).

To start the quest, head to Tai Bwo Wannai Village (on Karamja) and speak to Timfraku. Inform him that his village is safe to return to. He will then ask you to help him convince his three sons Tiadeche, Tamayu, and Tinsay to return to the village.

Before you do that, you should head back north. Below the Mansion on Brimhaven there is a fisher named Lubufu. Ask him about himself and he will eventually admit that he is getting old and needs help collecting bait. Offer to collect bait for him and he will tell you to go to the Holy Lake, which is south of Tai Bwo Wannai village. Once you arrive there, net fish until you obtain 20 Karambwanji. Once you obtain 20, return to Lubufu and give them to him. Now ask him about the Karambwan. He will ask you if you want to be his apprentice. Accept and he will teach you how to fish Karambawn using his special cage and Karambawnji.

Next head to the mining rocks above Shilo (not the gem rocks). Speak to Tamayu. He will tell you that he is trying to kill a specific lion and that you are not allowed to interfere. Give him the two agility potions, which will allow him to fight the lion at the same speed. Then head back to Lubufu (the fisher) and use a Karambawnji on the cage. You will catch a Karambawn. Cook the Karambawn on a stove and then use the pestal and mortal on the cooked karambawn. Finally use the paste that you got from that on the spear.

Head back to Tamayu. Give him the spear, then talk to him and ask to accompany him onto one of his hunts. He will fight the lion and defeat it.

Next, head south-east and you will come to a rockslide that leads to bridge. Climb up the rock slide and across the bridge and speak to Tinsay. He will ask you to get him Karamja Rum with a banana in it. Once you have both items, use a knife on the banana, which should make banana slices. Then use the slices on the rum. Now talk to Tinsay. He will next ask for seaweed in a monkey skin sandwich. Climb back across the bridge and down the rock slide and you should see many monkeys. You cannot kill these with melee, so range one to death. It should drop a monkeys corpse, which you should pick up. Head north-west back to the mining rocks. Give the monkey corpse to Tamayu and he will skin it for you. After using seaweed on the skin, head back to Tinsay and give him the sandwich. This time he will ask for burnt jogre bones marinated in Karambawnji. Kill a jogre for its bones and head to Shilo village. First pay 20gp to use the furnace there to burn the jogre bones, and then use a Karambawnji on the pestle and mortal and use the paste on the burnt jogre bones. Now head to an oven (fire will cause an explosion) and cook the bones. Head back to Tinsay, and he will agree to return to the village.

Head north-east until you come to a river (not the one that goes into shilo). You will need to find the log that allows you to cross the river. Once you've crossed, head north and you will find Tiadeche trying to catch a Karambawn. Use a Karambawnji on the Karambawn cage and use the cage on Tiadeche. He will catch a Karambawn, and will keep the cage. He will then ask you to make another cage (which you can't), and give to Tinsay (the brother who eats monkey skin) to make crafting instructions on them. Head back to Lubufu and tell him that you lost your cage and that a Karambawn ran off with it. He will give you another cage now. Head to Tinsay, give him the cage, and he will make instructions for it. Travel back to Tiadeche and give him the instructions. He will now agree to return to the village.

To recieve your reward and finish the quest: Head back to Tai Bwo Wannai Village and talk to Timfraku to finish the quest. You will be awarded 2 quest points. Next, head into the village and speak with each of the brothers. Tinsay will give you 5,000 cooking experience, Tamayu will give you 2,500 attack and strength experience and a rune spear (kp) [Karambwan poisoned], and Tiadeche will give you another 5,000 cooking experience and the right to buy raw Karambawn and the cage to catch them in his shop.

Reward: 2 quest points, 10,000 cooking experience, 2,500 attack experience, 2,500 strength experience, rune spear (kp)

Submitted by: Rune1988, many thanks!

The Haunted Mine

Recent forays into Morytania by some of Saradomin's more fanatical supporters have unearthed murky rumours concerning an abandoned mine in the south.

Legend speaks of an unusual material, hidden in the depths of the mines, that is somehow linked to the desolation and fear that now surrounds the place. Do you have the nerve to find out more, and enter the haunted mines of Morytania?

Minimal Requirements: 15 agility, 35 crafting and the ability to kill a level 95 enemy.

Things Needed: Food and/or Prayer potions for the final fight, along with a chisel and ball of wool.

Start this one out by talking to the Zealot south of Mort Myre swamp. After you've asked all you can (or care to) pick the zealot's pocket for his key. Now head south and follow the mine cart tracks. Climb over the cart that gets in your way on the hill, then crawl through the tunnel into the mine. Head straight west through the mine, ignoring any ladders, and exit. Follow the path and re-enter the mine through the other tunnel. Now go down the ladder.

Next, go east and down another ladder. You should see a mine cart traveling by itself up and down some tracks. Don't get caught up in front of it, it hurts! Instead, use small alcoves on the sides of the tracks to stay out of its way. After getting to the end of the tracks, go down the ladder.

Beware of some corpses down here! The ones with yellow names get up and attack you! Pick some fungus when down here and continue north, veering off to the west when the path splits. Put the fungus you just picked into the mine cart. Continue up until you see something on the wall called Point Settings. Look at them. You want them to look like this:

Now backtrack counterclockwise until you come to 5 levers, labeled A, B, C, D, and E. Pull any lever that did not match the one in the picture. Go back to the Point Settings to check your work. If everything is good, continue on the path to more levers to the north, labeled F, G, H, I, J, and K. Switch any of those who did not match, then go back to the controls and click start if everything matches. The cart should end up near the ladder. Head back up all they way to the entrance.

Remember that ladder that you ignored in the beginning? Go down that one now. Head down the ladder and go north east, you'll see two sets of locked doors and a ladder a bit more north east. Go down that ladder, now head to the west this time and venture down that ladder also. The cart should be directly by the ladder, search it and pick up that fungus you put in there earlier, and then head back up the ladder. Now go down the ladder on the east protected by the rogue mine cart. Go down the eastern fork until you come to a water valve. Wait until you have full energy, then use the Zealot's key to turn the valve and run to the lift and head down.

After you dry your clothes from exiting the pool you fell into, go south then east, running from the possessed pickaxes. Head down, then go through the door into the room with the innocently looking key sitting on a crate. After you pick it up, you will realize it wasn't innocent after all, as Treus Dayth attacks!

Use protect range to protect from the axes and other particles flying through the air, and attack Treus using food as necessary. After killing him, take the key and head up the stairs, then down to the opposite end of the hallway. Go down, then use the key on the door. Cut the crystal with your chisel, then use the ball of wool on it to get an amulet. Congrats, you're finished!

Reward: 2 Quest point and some Strength xp

Submitted by: M86Firestorm

The Lost City

Legends tell of a magical lost city hidden in the swamps. Many adventurers have tried to find this city, but it is proving difficult. Can you unlock the secrets of the city of Zanaris?

Minimal requirements: 31 crafting and 36 woodcut, and able to kill a level 101 monster unarmed.

Things needed: A good amount of food (lobster and up), potions and possibly amulets, depending on your combat abilities. Runes may also be usefull if you wish to mage the tree spirit. Lastly, you will need a knife.

To begin, head to the woodland area located just behind Lumbridge, or east of Draynor. After a bit of searching you'll eventually come across four adventurers who are less than happy to tell you what they're searching for. With a bit of wit on your part however, you can trick them into telling you. After a bit of trial and error You should now have been told what they're looking for - a leprachaun by the name of Shamus, who knows the where-abouts of the lost city, Zanaris... This is your cue to start looking for him, the only catch is, he's in a tree. Don't panic however, despite the vast amount of trees in this area, the tree Shamus is in is distictively different to the others. Search north west of the adventurers and you should come across a tree that has the option to "chop", instead of the usual "chop down" option. Once you've chopped it Shamus will run out, chase after him and ask about Zanaris, he'll give you some valuable information.

Its nearly time to leave from Port Sarim to the holy island of Entrana, but you'll need to use the bank first. Deposit all items of armour and weaponry (so you can travell to Entrana) and withdraw any items you think will be usefull when fighting the level 101 tree spirit. You'll definately need some food. Super sets, amulets, prayer pots, and runes will come in handy too. When you're all set, its time to leave. Once on Entrana island head north east across the bridge and then west along the island to some ruins surrounded by dead trees. After speaking to the monks there, you can climb down the ladder. They'll make sure you know that you can't go back the way you came once inside. The only way out for you now, is to use the magic door at the end of the lair which leads to level 31 wilderness. Its also possible to teleport out.

Now inside you'll find level 25 zombies. You'll have to kill these until you get a bronze hatchet which you'll need to cut the Dramen tree. Now continue through the dungeon into a room with level 92 greator demons, if you've got strong enough combat abilities, or brought extra food, its a good idea to kill these for armour or weapon drops, although its not entirely necessarily.

Further on past the greater demons is the room with the Dramen tree. Make sure you've got that bronze hatchet handy so you can attempt to chop the tree. Once you've done this the level 101 tree spirit will pop out. At this point make sure your dosed up on those potions, wearing any amulets and are weilding your hatchet (or any other armour you may have aquired from the greater demons). There are a number of ways to tackle the tree spirit. Most players may find they're ok fighting the tree spirit with just the hatchet, pots, prayer and food, maybe blasting a few bolt spells as they go. If not you can always bring a friend along who can stand inbetween you and the tree spirit while you mage it. This doesn't always work as the tree spirit can sometimes go through your friend, but it still might let you get a few good hits in. Just remember to keep your cool, keep eating and keep a watch on your hp. With a bit of luck you should be fine (in theory that is!). Once you've defeated the tree spirit, the hardest part is over. Well done.

With him out of the way you can help yourself to as many branches from the Dramen tree as you like (its a good idea to take a few). Once your done either teleport out or search past the greater demons for a magical door. If you choose the door you'll end up in level 31 wilderness (check out our defined wilderness map) and will have to face the likely fact that you'll get player killed, however its not too hard to avoid this if your carefull.

Now get your knife and cut each of your branches into a dramen staff. Journey over to Lumbridge swamp (a little east from where you spoke to the adventurers) and look for a small shack there. Weild your dramen staff and enter the shack, you'll automatically be teleported to the lost city. Once inside you'll have completed the quest, congrats!

Rewards: 3 quest points and access to the city of Zanaris. Inside you can find everything you need to make cakes (yes, even chocolate cakes), a general store, a bank, the cosmic runecrafting temple, a furnace, a sandpit, a training spot with level 64 otherworldly beings and also a market which you'll need to pay a diamond to enter. Once inside the market you can purchase both a dragon long (100k) or a dragon dagger (30k), on completetion of this quest you'll also be able to weild them both.

Submited By: Legolas416 - Many Thanks!

The Tourist Trap

South of Al Kharid a new desert pass has opened up, leading to the dangers of the Kharid desert. Don your desert garb and make sure your waterskin is full before heading off into the trackless dunes in search of desert adventure.

Minimal requirements: 10 Fletching and 20 smithing.

Things needed: Desert clothes (robe top, bottoms and boots), a knife, full waterskins, a hammer, a couple of bronze bars and around 50 feathers. These items, and also a Shantay pass, can be bought from the shop at the quest start point. You'll also need: weapons, food, amulets, money etc. You won't need armour as wearing it while in the desert will burn you. Only a helmet can be worn safely, along with your desert robes.

Head to the Shantay pass, south of Al Kharid. Speak to the assistants there and purchase the items listed above, if you need to access your bank, there is a bank chest which can be used. After equiping your weapon, robes and having all the other items in your inventory, you may pass through the doorway into the desert! Once in this vast dusty enviroment you must survive the heat by drinking plenty of water. Every time you get thirsty you will automaticly take a mouthfull of your waterskin. If you run out, you'll have to use your knife with a cactus to refill it. If you fail to do this and you have no available water, the sun will beat down on you causing your health to slowly deteriorate.

With all this in mind, speak to Irena who'll tell you of the disappearance of her daughter, Ana, and asks you to find her. Begin your journey by heading south. You should eventually come to a large compound. Speak to one of the Mercenaries outside (Note: at this point its important to pick your words carefully, the guards have a nasty temper and will throw you into the middle of the desert with only one waterskin if you step out of line. Should this happen just keep heading north back to the Shantay pass). Bribe the mercanarie and get him to dish the dirt on his Captain. Eventually the mercenarie will admit he doesn't like his captain and wouldn't help him if he were in a duel. Take a bet from the mercenarie that you can kill the captain.

Speak to the Captain and get him angry, until he threatens to have his guards kill you. Taunt him by saying that he can't fight his own battles and he'll challenge you to a duel. Kill him and take the key he drops. Next, use the key to get inside the mining compound. (Note: Make sure you have NO weapons or armour weilded throughout this quest, unless you have to fight something. If you do, you'll find yourself being thrown into a jail cell. If this does happen (and it probably will) you can search the window bars and escape from them. From there you can climb up the rocks out of the compoud. You'll then have to kill the captain again to get another key. Speak to one of the slaves you see and get him to swap clothing with you, this may take a couple of attempts. Once you've got your fetching new slave gear on its time to go down into the mines. Open the big doors in the corner of the camp and go inside. Follow the long passage, dodging rowdy guards until you come to a cave doorway. Outside there will be a guard, speak with him and ask if you can work elsewhere. He'll say that he might be able to help you out and then drops a very subtle hint that he needs a nice refreshing pineapple, preferbly one from the Bedabin Camp.

Leave the compound completely (take off your slave robes as you do!) and head west to the Bedabin Camp. Go in one of the tents and speak to Al Shabim. Ask him where you can find a pineapple and he'll explain he'll give you one if you could do a task for him - To steal blueprints for a new weapon, from Captian Siad, back at the Mining Camp. Head back to the camp with the key that Al Shabim will have given you. Go to the second story of the building inside the mining compound and search the bookcase. You should eventually find a book on boating, read it and then search Siads desk for a cell key (this will come in handy if you are thrown back in jail). Next use the key Al Shabim gave you on the chest, you'll be caught by Siad who'll ask you what your doing. Start talking about boating until he is distracted enough for you to take the blueprints from the chest.

Bring the blueprints back to Al Shabim. He'll then ask you to make the weapon (as if you havent already done enough for a pineapple!). Head to the tent with guards outside and speak with one of them. Tell him you've got permission to use the experimental anvil and enter the tent. At this point you should have your hammer, bronze bar and feathers handy. Smith the bar and you'll make a dart tip. Now use the feathers with it to make the flight. You may fail a couple of times (which is why its a good idea to bring a few) but you'll get there eventually. Now head back to Al Shabim and show him the finished dart. He'll thank you and give you six bronze darts and your long awaited pineapple. Not only that, but you'll now have the ability to make darts!

However, the quest isn't over just yet. Head back to the Mining Camp and back into the mines where the guard was. Give him the pineapple and he'll let you pass through the cave into the next section of the mine. Search the nearby barrels and take one. Climb into the mine cart and take a ride (there is a possibility that you'll take some damage while attempting to get into the mine cart, but its not too much of a worry if you have food). Once you've arrived to the next mining section, head north west to a large chamber with many slaves. Have a look around and you should eventually find Ana. Speak to her and tell her your there to get her out. She'll ask you how, but DON'T tell her you have a key. Say that its your little secret (If however you don't heed my warning the guards will put you in a 'time out' chamber where you'll have to mine 15 rocks before you can be released back into the main mining area). Now for the fun bit, use your barrel to kidnapp Ana and make your escape!

Go about this by placing the barrel in the mine cart and sending her up, and then following yourself. After you've done that, head to the winch and use the barrel with it. The guard there will offer you a hand, accept and he'll help place Ana on the winch. She'll start shouting and complaining (incase you hadn't gathered, she doesn't like being in a barrel), and the guard will become suspicious. Cover up the fact that its Ana speaking by flattering the guard. After she's successfully been winched up, take the same root you went in, out of the mines to the surface. Collect her barrel from the winch outside and make your way over to the guy next to the cart. Place the barrel on the cart and speak with him. Tell him some jokes and make him laugh. Then say the more outrageous options. By now he should be cheered up and more prepared to help you. Tell him the situation and he'll accept a bribe of 100gp to smuggle you and Ana out. After that you'll be taken back near Shantay pass. Speak to Irena and she'll thank and reward you - Phew! Well done!

Reward: 2 Quest points. A wrought iron key, that gains access to a mithril and adamantite mining area in the camp. You'll also be rewarded experience in two skills of your choice, in either agility, fletching, smithing or thieving. Its also possible to choose the same skill twice (the experience you gain is dependant on your current level in that skill).

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Tree Gnome Village

The tree gnomes are in trouble. General Khazard's forces are hunting them to extinction. Find your way through the hedge maze to the gnomes secret treetop village. Then help the gnomes fight Khazard and retrieve the orbs of protection.

Minimal requirements: Able to defeat a level 112 Warlord (Level 43 Prayer Recommended).

Things needed: 6 regular logs, weapons and armour and food. Prayer potions are also recommended.

Start by heading South of Ardougne, to the Gnome Maze, and talk to Elkoy on the North-Western side of the maze. You must then succesfully navigate the maze.

Once inside the maze, talk to King Bolren. He will ask that you retrieve an Orb of Protection that has been stolen. He will mention that there are 3 of them - this is important later in the quest. If you agree to help, go to the Battlefield. First, talk to Elkoy and he will escort you out of the maze. Talk to the Commander, and he will request 6 Regular Logs. Talk to him again when you have the logs, and he will tell you about the trackers.

(Please Note - you do not need to do the Maze again. Just talk to Elkoy, and he will lead you through!)

Head Due North to the first tracker. He is in the North-Eastern part of the camp. He will inform you that the Y-Coordinate is 5. The second tracker is just west from here. He will inform you that the Z-Coordinate(or Height) is 4. The third tracker (slightly mad) is located towards the South of the camp. The answer to his riddle gives you the X-Coordinate as 3.

Go to the ballista, and fire it using the above coordinates. Then, head to the Camp's main building, and climb over the wall. There are 2 level 48 Khazard Commanders that must be killed. Retrieve the Orb from the chest (on the second floor), head back to the maze and talk to Elkoy.

Talk again to the King. You learn that the other 2 Orbs were stolen.

Head back to the Battlefields. Head North, past the camp, and find the Level 112 Warlord who is guarded by his Guards. Attack him (this is where Protect from Melee comes in handy) and, when he drops 2 orbs, return to King Bolren.

Congratulations! You have Completed the Tree Gnome Village Quest.

Reward: 2 Quest points, a Gnome Amulet of Protection (+13 to all defences - Crush, Stab and Slash), approximately 10k attack experience and access to use Spirit Tree as a form of travel.

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Troll Stronghold

The Imperial Guard raid was a failure, and Dunstan's son has been captured by the trolls! Journey through Trollheim to the Troll Stronghold, and rescue him!

Minimal Requirements: 15 agility and the ability to slay a level 113 Troll General. High thieving and prayer also are helpful.

Things Needed: Climbing boots bought from some Food and Prayer Potions for killing lots of stuff.

Start this one out by talking to Denulth at Burthorpe after finishing the Death Plateau quest. After agreeing to rescue Godric, head up towards Tenzig, the Sherpa who knew the secret path up the mountain. Ask to buy some climbing boots from him, and then continue up the path. Climb over some rocks when you get there, and take the northeast pass, which heads to a gate.

Dad, a big troll, will challange you to a fight. Accept, and defeat him (preferably with prayer) and continue through the north gate and head northwest until you reach a cave. Enter the cave and run through to the other exit. You will be in a spiral maze. Head around counterclockwise, watching out for the trolls who throw rocks, until you reach the southwest part of the maze. Run through the trolls, then head up the cliff to the north into the Stronghold.

Run to the south, then through a door to the west. Then head north, killing on of the generals (preferably with prayer again) and after grabbing the prison key he drops, retreat back to the south to the door you came in through and go head down the stairs. Go North until you find the prison door to the East. Open it and head down.

Pickpocket the two guards if your thieving is high enough, otherwise kill them and take the two keys. Free both prisoners and follow them to the southern exit. Now just run south back to the secret path you came up on and follow it back to Burthorpe. Tell Dunstan the good news, and you're finished!

Reward: 1 Quest point and a Law talisman

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Troll Romance

Ug loves Aga, but Aga is together with Arrg. Since Arrg is a lot stronger than Ug, Ug can't follow the regular mating ritual, which involves ripping the opponent into pieces. Will you be able to find out what will impress the troll female more than a display of violence? Will you survive the journey to help a lonely troll find love?

Minimal Requirements: 28 agility, ability to kill a lvl 110 Troll, and have finished the Troll Stronghold quest.

Things Needed: about 1k in cash, iron bar, maple or yew logs, rope, wax (from the beehives near Camelot, use insect repellent on a beehive, then take from it with a bucket), cake tin, swamp tar (not paste!), and climbing boots from the Troll Stronghold quest (you can buy them from Tenzig if you lost them)

Start this one out by talking to Ug, on the middle floor of the Troll Stronghold. He will tell you that he is in love with Aga, but she is with Arrg. Now go talk to Aga about her love-life, which is in a room just to the north of Ug. She will tell you that Arrg was supposed to get a rare flower called Trollweiss to show his love for her. Return to Ug, asking about the flower, he will tell you the location of it was lost. Head down the mountain towards Tenzig, the Sherpa who showed you the back way up the mountain.

After talking to Tenzig about Trollweiss and about the sled you will need, head to Burthorpe and see Dunstan. He will tell you to get him a rope, an iron bar, and 1 maple or yew logs. Give them all to him and he will make you a sled. Now, with a cake tin in your inventory, use the swamp tar on the wax to make sled wax, which you should now use on your sled. Now that you have your sled, go towards the spiral circle where Mad Eagar lives.

Once you get near the circle, head to the northwest part of it on the outside into a small path west. Follow this path until it comes to a huge gate in the ice. Look for a cave enterence just Northwest of the gate; it is well hidden in the snow. Go through the S-shaped cave, stoping near the end where there is a crevasse you can enter through. Now, get out your sled and ride on it! Slide down the slope to the south, and pick the rare flowers on the hill to the west. Continue your ride on your sled down the slope, then when you reach the end, enter the tunnel and follow it through until it exits near Rellika. Head back to Ug.

Give Ug the flowers, then go talk to Arrg, and tell him Aga deserves better. Kill Arrg whichever way you like, then go back to Ug. Congrats, you've finished!

Reward: 3 quest points about 8k agility xp, 4k strength xp, 4 uncut emeralds, 2 uncut rubies, and an uncut diamond

Submitted by: M86Firestorm

Waterfall Quest

Investigate the death of elven leaders of old. Search for the elf King Baxtorian's tomb and discover the mysterious hidden treasure of the waterfall.

Minimal requirements: Able to fight level 93 fire giants, although its possible to run past them.

Things needed: Food, weapons, armour and a rope - Ropes can be purchased from Ned in Draynor or from the sailor on the pier in Catherby. Lastly 6 of each air, earth and water runes (Teleport runes may also come in handy).

To begin head to Almera's house a little north from baxtorian falls on the east side of the river. Speak with her and she'll explain how she fears for her sons safety, as he searches for treasure near the waterfall. Tell her you'll go and find him.

Head north from Almera's house, until you come to the end of a the large lake where the river starts. From there go west around it until you come to the opposite side of the river to Almera's house. From there you can walk along the river bank until you find her son. Once you've done that and talked to him make your way back the way you came to Almera's house and speak with her. She'll tell you that her son finally returned. Ask Almera if theres anything worth visiting while your there and she'll recommend the tourist centre - which is your next stop. Go down the hill and head south from Almera's home down the river bank until you come to a white building. Go inside and speak to the man named Hadley. Ask him everything possible and then head upstairs to the 'archive room'. Search the bookcases until you find a book entitled 'Book on Baxtorian' and read it.

Next, head to Tree Gnome Village (don't get it mixed up with the Stronghold!) and make your way through the maze. After a bit of trial and error you should come to a ladder (look for the dungeon symbol on your mini-map), head down it and you should find yourself in a room with Hobgoblins. Take the right passage to a room full of crates. Search them until you find a key and then proceed through the left passage into a room with a dungeon. Open the gate with the key you found, go inside, and speak to the Gnome named Glorie. After he's given you Glarials pebble head to the nearest bank and deposit all armour and weapons, all you need at this point is food and your pebble. Once you've done that head to Glarials grave, you can find it by going a little north and then east of the tourist centre.

Once there use the pebble with the grave and you'll be taken inside. Go strait ahead of the cave, dodge the moss giant and open the chest to get Glarials amulet. From there take the left passage into a room with a coffin, open it and take Glarials urn. Leave for the bank and withdraw your armour, weapons, food, runes and rope again.

Head to Almera's place and use the raft. Just as before, it'll crash on the island. Use the rope you brought on the grey rock on the next island (on the edge of the waterfall) to get across. Once you've done this use the rope with the dead tree to lower yourself on to the ledge. At this point make sure your wearing Glarials amulet, and then pass through the doorway. Once inside you'll either be able to go left, right or strait ahead. Run past the Shadow spiders and take the passage on your right. While running or fighting your way past Mage skeletons, search each crate until you find a key. Take the left passage and enter the room full of fire giants, run past them to the door opposite. Use your key on it and then on another door. You should now be on a room with six pillars and two statues. This is the final stage of your quest.

You must put an air, earth and water rune on each of the six pillars. Once you've done this put your amulet on the statue of Glarial. If you've done it correctly the floor should rise up towards the floating chalice. Use the urn on the chalice and you'll have completed the quest - Well done!

Reward: 1 Quest point, a generous amount of attack and strength experience (rumoured to be around 15k on each), two cut diamonds, two gold bars and 40 mithril seeds which can be planted to grow flowers.

Submitted by: Legolas416, many thanks!

Witch's House

A young boy who lives in Taverley has kicked his ball into the garden of a scary old lady. He asks you to get it back for him. This proves more difficult than it first sounds.

Minimal requirements: Must kill a mystery lvl-53 monster.

Things needed: Gloves - these can be purchased for a small amount of gp from the clothes shop in Varrock. And cheese - this can be bought from the grocery store in Port Sarim or found in Draynor village. Food, armour and weapons will also be needed.

To begin, head to Taverley and speak to the child a little further on past the member's gate, standing near the hedge that surrounds the Witch's garden. Speak to him and he'll explain that his ball went over her hedge and she won't return it. Like the fool you are except this seemingly easy challenge and make your way to the front door of the witch's house. Oddly enough for a Runescape citizen she's actually locked her door, so you'll need to search for a spare key under the nearby pots. Once you've gained access go up stairs and snoop around for her diary. Have a good read and learn of her creation. Once your done return downstairs.

From here make your way down to the basement. Open the gate there but be sure to wear your gloves first, if you don't, you'll end up taking damage from the trap. Once in the gated area search the cuboard for a magnet and then return back up to the ground floor. Go into the small room leading to the garden and drop your cheese on the floor (be sure not to eat it!), this will attract a rat in to the room. Quickly use your magnet on it. As the mouse runs back in its hole the magnet will de-activate the security mechanism and the door will unlock!

From here cautiously walk out into the garden. You should see the Witch walking up and down, plotting. You'll have to sneak up to the top of the garden behind the hedges, without her seeing you. If she does, you'll be teleported elsewhere and will have to repeat what you've already done. Once you've reached the fountain search it until you find a key. Use this key with the shed door and sneak inside. Go to take the childs ball and the witch's experiment (the shapeshifter) will appear and attack you. Kill each of his three forms, each more difficult than the last. Once you've done this take the childs ball, leave the house and return it to, him. He will thank you and you'll be rewarded - Well done.

Reward: 4 Quest points and hits experience.

Submitted By: Legolas416, many thanks!

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