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funny things from all over the web

Here are some funny pictures that I have found
around the internet

Begging Doggy

this wolf with her giant tunge its flying around
like mad i wonder wot its licking the wolf looks
happy doesn't she

here are the funny est picture you have ever seen warning maybe the roodest and if you wan't to see them then click here

Star in the spotlight

this page has nothing to doo with runescape this
is just really really funny so plz take a look

Yellow Growing Flying Saucer

where all flying in are yellow ufo
in are yellow ufo
we did'nt like the coloure so we 
painted it green

here's are yellow ufo
we dont like yellow we would have painted
it but the mib took it and are now fighting
with fbi over it so heres a tip don't leave
your ufo out side tesco

This site has been made by Adam murphy if you think it's
shit then your shit